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Sports and Fitness Insurance and Personal Trainer Insurance

Are you a personal trainer or a fitness or sports instructor? Do you organize amateur sports league or sporting events? If so your focus is likely helping people be the best they can be.

But what about keeping your business fit and healthy? Accidents happen when you’re least expecting them. If a client tears a muscle in a dance class you are leading, or trips over gym equipment and twists their ankle, they could decide to take legal action, leaving you in a vulnerable situation.

The most common types of insurance policies provided for sports and fitness professionals are commercial general liability insurance which covers costs associated with liability claims such as client injuries or property damage, product liability insurance which provides coverage for liability claims associated with a product you sell or manufacture, professional liability insurance which covers costs associated with allegations of negligence, misconduct, or failure to deliver a service as promised, and cyber liability insurance which is critical for sports and fitness professionals providing online services and storing client information.

If you’re employed by a company, it’s worth checking out the personal trainer insurance already in place for you. If you work for yourself – and especially if you employ other people – it’s likely you’re in need of a sports and fitness insurance policy.

Whether you are a personal trainer, own a gym or other fitness facility, offer fitness classes, hire instructors, cleaners, receptionists or anyone else, you need to ensure you and your business are properly covered.

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