Sponsorship and Donations

Guidelines for Sponsorship and Donations Requests

Strong communities provide our neighbours with a great place to live, work and play.   Orr Insurance & Investment focuses donations and sponsorships at the community level in the areas of arts, education, health care, social services, children sports and the environment.

Orr Insurance & Investment funding is NOT generally provided for the following:

  • Advocacy Groups
  • Religious Groups for religious purposes unless  they benefit all religions
  • Individuals &/or Individual Pursuits
  • Direct Mail Solicitations
  • Private Clubs funded through membership fees
  • Other Recreational or Self-improvement Organizations where participation is intended primarily for the personal advancement or benefit of the participant
  • Adult Sports Team Sponsorship 

Review Process

Requests for funding are carefully reviewed by our evaluation committee.    Please allow 30 days  for a response.  

Where Do I Send My Requests?

The attached application for support is to be forwarded by email to sponsor---orrinsurance.net (subject: Sponsorship%20%26%20Donations%20Requests)   using subject: Sponsorship & Donations Requests or by mail to:

     Orr Insurance & Investment
     Attn: Sponsorship & Donations Requests  
     50 Cobourg Street
     Stratford Ontario                                                                                
     N5A 3E5