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Whatever your business, event or community looks like, Orr can create a speciality business insurance program that works for you

Since 1895, Orr Insurance & Investment has helped individuals and organizers arrange specialized insurance coverage, at competitive prices, so they can get on with their passions in business, arts, sports, community programs … whatever motivates people to get out there and make a difference.

The general concept behind insurance is that a large group of people contribute and share access to a common pool of money created to financially compensate or support a contributor if a need arises:

  • On the downside, that could be an accident, injury, sickness, property damage, legal trouble,  etc.
  • On the upside, income support, estate payments, employment benefits, retirement income, bill payments, repairs, and so on.

The larger the group of contributors and deeper the pool of funds, the more efficient, flexible, feature-laden and creative insurance providers can be in meeting the needs of their customers.

But what if your particular line of work, business, market sector or community is specialized in its activities and needs, standalone events, or just doesn’t fit the norm in terms of critical mass for insurance purposes? Then you need help from someone who knows how to create coverage programs that meet particular circumstances.

Here are some of the special insurance programs Orr Insurance & Investment has created for our clients:

Restaurant Franchises

Bed & Breakfast

Sports, Fitness & Events – national and local organization and individuals 

Not-for-Profit Organizations – national and local

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Proudly serving southwestern Ontario, we are local, personal and available - family owned and operated, we live in the communities we serve so we care about our clients.

Our job is to find you the best competitive combination of price, value and service from over 60 Canadian insurance and investment companies. our Orr Insurance Broker can help you determine the appropriate group benefits plan for your business, provide tips on how to attract and retain good employees, and shop the market for the policy options and premiums that work best for you.


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Our job is to find you the best competitive combination of price, value and service from over 60 Canadian insurance and investment companies.

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