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Insure Your Restaurant or Bar with the Right insurance solution.

Operating a restaurant or bar isn’t easy. You’ve worked hard to build your business, and we can help you protect it with the right restaurant or bar insurance solution.

Running a demanding restaurant business includes overseeing everything from stock and equipment to alcohol, staff supplies and your customers. There is always a risk that the customer could be injured at your establishment, or that a fire, break-in or other event could cause damage or result in the need to close your doors. A restaurant or bar insurance policy can help protect your livelihood by protecting you in case of an accident on your property and against happenings such as building damage, theft, alcohol liability and business interruption.

For instance, if you run a restaurant or a bar and you lose power causing the contents of your walk-in freezer to spoil, a food contamination policy would pay to replace the food. If you lease and there is a fire, water damage, collapse, or any other insurable loss, and you are forced to close your doors, business interruption coverage can cover the lost revenue during repairs, and, if you are the landlord and have tenants running a restaurant or bar, insurance will cover the loss of rent you are not collecting during rehabilitation.

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