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Insurance is critical regardless of the type of home you own. Or whether you are an owner-occupier, a renter, or a landlord.

How many valuables do you keep in your humble abode? Everyone will have their own varying insurance needs. While some Canadians require comprehensive home and contents insurance, others may only need coverage for their contents or may wish to purchase a home insurance policy just for the building.

We’ve outlined the differences to help you find the right cover for your home in Stratford!

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In Canada, home insurance protects you and your property against damage or loss. It covers your personal belongings, injury to visitors, and accidental damage you may cause to another person’s property. It’s critical to have home insurance so that you’re legally and financially protected in the event of an unexpected event.

Why is signing up for home insurance a good idea?

Home Insurance Stratford

The home is one of the places where we create some of our most cherished memories. It is our most valuable asset because it enables us to maintain security, control, belonging, identity, and privacy. As a result, we invest thousands of dollars in constructing a house for ourselves and the people we care about the most. Furthermore, we go above and beyond to improve the comfort of our homes by purchasing items or gadgets that simplify our lives.

You furnish your apartment, as a renter, with items that bring you comfort and joy. Purchasing televisions, air conditioners, freezer, sofas, and kitchen appliances, among others, require a great deal of effort and money.

Therefore, the question is, why would you spend so much money on your properties and then choose to take a risk by not insuring them?

Consider the cost of constructing or purchasing your valuable assets. You don’t want to lose everything to fire, water damage, or other natural disasters in a single day. Additionally, you would avoid depleting your bank account or relying on friends for financial assistance due to an unfortunate incident.

While home insurance or home content insurance may seem implausible, the reality is that it is better to be safe than sorry. Rather than repairing or replacing your lost items, insurance will pay a portion or the entire cost of the claim.

Home insurance and home content insurance can assist you in re-establishing your financial position following a loss caused by fire/allied perils or burglary.

Are there different types of home insurance that you can purchase in Stratford?

Yes, there is home, condo, tenant, cottage or rental insurance. Each category has a variety of coverage options. In addition, there are “add-on” features available, depending on your circumstances. You’ll have to consider how much insurance you require, as well as the deductible (your share of an insured loss), as both of these factors will affect your premiums.

Orr insurance broker can assist you in weighing your options and selecting the best one for you.

What are the factors that influence the cost of home insurance in Stratford?

Numerous significant factors affect the cost of Home Insurance in Stratford. In general, these factors can be classified into three broad categories: –

Home (Owned/Rental Property)

In general, the premium on newer homes is lower than the premium on older homes. However, an older home with outdated wiring, roofing, heating, or plumbing will have higher premiums due to the increased risk of loss.

A larger house?

You will have to pay an increased replacement cost and premium. It is logical that a larger house has higher replacement costs and thus a higher premium.

Your neighbourhood is another factor. Every neighbourhood in Stratford is different. Premiums may be affected by neighbourhood crime statistics, proximity to a fire station or fire hydrants, or areas prone to sewer backups.

The Insurer/Owner

Do you have expensive jewellery? Do you collect sports cars? Do you own expensive bicycles? Are you involved in local community organizations or your children’s minor sports leagues as a volunteer? Lifestyle factors and risks do affect insurance premiums.

Besides that, claims experience, the credit rating (optional with the insured’s permission), and occasionally even the type and number of mortgagees are considered.

Are you a home-based entrepreneur? Probably not a problem if the activity is low risk, such as piano tutoring. However, repairing your neighbours’ cars in the garage or engaging in other high-risk business activities may cause a significant “dent” in your budget.

Choosing an Insurance Company in Stratford

Profit margins for Stratford home insurance companies are minimal and consistent across the industry. Premiums remain low due to intense competition. Typically, more than 90% of premiums are spent on claims and administrative costs. Certain policies are more expensive due to the additional risks they cover.

Insurance premiums are affected by the specific policy features, benefits, limitations, and exclusions.

Past home insurance claims: If you’re a new homeowner, the previous owners may have made several claims, which may affect your future home insurance costs.

Cosmetic factors include the roof’s condition, the plumbing and electrical systems installed in the home; are they modern and new? When were they last replaced or updated?

Each situation is unique, and an “off-the-shelf” insurance policy may expose you to an uninsured or underinsured loss that could cost you thousands.

With Orr Insurance, you have access to the best price! We help you obtain the peace of mind you deserve.

Does climate change affect your home insurance premiums?

Climate change has been a significant factor in recent increases in home insurance premiums. Extreme weather events have an increased frequency due to global warming, which is a trend that is expected to continue. Each windstorm, flash flood, or hailstorm raises home insurance claims. These increasing costs are reflected in higher insurance premiums.

What is covered in homeowners insurance?


Your home insurance policy covers perils, essentially anything harmful or dangerous. This includes the following:

aircraft and vehicle damage

electrical currents


falling objects




smoke (not from the fireplace)



water (with limitations)

wind and hail

It includes personal property temporarily removed from your home (whether in your car or on a trip). Liability coverage is also included in your home insurance policy, which means that if someone is accidentally injured or has their personal property damaged as a result of you or your property, liability coverage will protect you if they sue. Personal property such as electronics, appliances, jewelry, and clothing is covered under home insurance, with certain high-value items subject to special restrictions or requiring additional contents insurance.

What is excluded from home insurance?

As a general rule, home insurance covers unexpected events, not normal wear and tear. Your policy is intended to cover unforeseen and accidental circumstances, not something that has occurred over time. For example, if you experience an unexpected leak or flood due to a pipe breaking, you will be covered. But, your home insurance will not cover a claim if you have neglected to maintain your home and previously had a known leak or flood.

What does homeowners insurance cover in the event of water damage?

Water damage is not always covered under standard homeowners insurance policies. While your policy includes some basic coverage, it does not cover damage caused by, for example, floods or a sewer backup.

What are the benefits of choosing Orr Insurance as your home insurance provider?

While there is no denying that house insurance is necessary, there are additional benefits to purchasing the best home insurance policy. Have a look below:

Purchase a home insurance policy at a significantly lower premium than other types of insurance.

Get the best comprehensive coverage for both the content and structure of your house.

Protect your entire property from mishaps by choosing the appropriate property insurance policy.

Reduce your stress and tension level by having property insurance as a safety net in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

We ensure house insurance payouts are delivered on time, enabling families to quickly complete the rebuilding process, allowing them to move on and resume their everyday daily lives.

We compare policies from different insurance providers and give you the information you need to save money.

Our insurance brokers are dedicated to providing you with the very best coverage possible.

We protect every client of ours with secure, customized policies tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Making a claim is simple and easy in every way when you work with our network of trusted, certified partners. Your insurance claims settlement process is hassle-free and quick with Orr Insurance.

Our insurance team will address specific needs such as life, auto, car and save your valuable time.

Get expert advice on Stratford home insurance by contacting Orr insurance brokers today. So pick up your phone right away!

COVID-19 & Home Insurance

When homeowners renew their insurance policies, they may notice something new: a communicable disease exclusion.

This exclusion will safeguard insurance companies against COVID-19 pandemic-related claims. In addition, the exclusion endorsement precludes anyone infected with COVID-19 from filing a claim against a homeowner’s insurance policy.

Pandemic insurance is usually not available because the risk cannot be diversified when it exists simultaneously throughout the world and can strike any community at any time.

The exclusion reflects changes implemented by international reinsurance companies from whom primary insurers purchase insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions: Home Insurance Stratford

Check out the most frequently asked home insurance questions. Then, we invite you to note and discuss it with our insurance brokers when you contact us.

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  • Is it compulsory to have home insurance?
  • Is it less expensive to insure new homes?
  • Is a pool going to increase the cost of your homeowners insurance?
  • Is my swimming pool covered under the terms of my homeowners policy?

Coverages, costs, exclusions, prices, restrictions and whatnot! Our team of insurance brokers can address your specific needs.

Consult our insurance experts for an online quote now. We are at your service.

Orr Insurance and Investment: A Fourth-Generation Family Business

Orr Insurance and Investment has been protecting homes and offering various investment products for generations. Over the years, Orr has earned the trust of our beloved clients and the largest insurance companies in Canada by providing the best home, auto, commercial, and life insurance options.

Our licensed brokers are skilled at getting you the most affordable home insurance through our network of partner insurance companies. You don’t go through each policy in detail; we do that for you. If you want to buy a new policy for your new house/rental property or if your life/auto insurance policy is up for renewal, feel free to put us to the test!

We specialize in bundle policies where you get life insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, boat insurance etc., with excellent coverage options.

We got you covered!

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