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What if a disaster struck your home later on today? Are you sure you have proper insurance coverage for property damage and total loss? Would you be forced to pay for any or all of the repairs from your pocket?

These are crucial concerns to address because you won’t be able to get insurance after a crisis strikes—which can occur at any time. You’ll feel less pressure when confronted with a crisis if you know:

Your insurance broker took the time to ensure that you were adequately protected.

Your insurance carrier is on your side.

Orr Insurance offers a personal service delivered by a team of experienced brokers who can discuss your insurance needs and concerns at any time and in any way that works for you. If you are a Linwood resident looking for home insurance, please contact us at 1.800.876.4163 or email us today.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the purpose of homeowners insurance?
  2. Home Insurance: Who needs them?
  3. Which type of insurance do I require for my home?
  4. Home Insurance: Where do I start?
  5. What are the things that influence the cost of home insurance?
  6. Flood Insurance in Linwood
  7. Why should you choose Orr Insurance?
  8. Orr Insurance – All Personal Insurance Services

What is the purpose of homeowners insurance?

Home insurance protects you against the hazards that most homeowners face, such as theft, fire, a broken foundation, and on-property injuries. When a loss happens, you can file a claim with your insurance company and be reimbursed for your expenses, minus any unpaid deductibles.

Insurance also covers personal liability risks, protecting you from various events that could result in third-party litigation.

For instance, you may be held liable if someone slips and falls in your home or is harmed on your property. Liability insurance is designed to safeguard you in an event like this.


Additionally, you may require insurance to protect yourself from having to pay for the following:

To mention a few, storm damage, fire, whirlwind, lightning, and hail.

Liability for dog bites

Coverage for manufactured homes

Insurance coverage for trampolines and swimming pools

Wind-related harm


Damage caused by flooding

Backups in the sewer or septic system

Personal property replacement cost

Umbrella liability insurance

When you visit independent insurance brokers like Orr Insurance, you have the opportunity to discover all of your insurance options and protect the things that matter most to you.

Home Insurance: Who needs them?

Although home insurance is not legally required in the same way that auto insurance is, it is nevertheless necessary and beneficial for protecting your property. There are policies for various types of occupants, including the following:


You should avail of homeowners insurance if you are the sole owner of your property or are actively paying down a mortgage. You will be liable for your home’s physical structure and any personal possessions on the land.


If you are a tenant in a rental property on a private basis, renters insurance is the one for you. You will be liable for only your possessions – you will not be required to obtain building insurance as your landlord will handle this.


Landlords Insurance is for those who own a rental property. You will be legally responsible for the property’s condition but will only be required to cover the structure and contents you furnish.


If you live in student housing, typically shared with other students, take students insurance. You may be insured by the homeowner’s insurance policy of your parent or guardian, although this is not always the case.

Flat Sharers

You should take this one is if you share an apartment or a house with another adult. The specifics of door locks and access points can affect premiums, as shared places include specific increased hazards.

Holiday homeowners


If you own an otherwise vacant vacation property, holiday homeowners insurance is suitable for you. However, you will almost certainly need to obtain specialized home insurance for properties that remain vacant for extended periods.

Which type of insurance do I require for my home?

Home insurance is divided into two types: buildings insurance and contents insurance. You can purchase each independently or as part of a bundled house insurance policy with the same carrier.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance protects your home’s physical structure – its bricks and mortar – as well as any permanent fixtures or fittings (from your kitchen sink to your doors).

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance covers the personal belongings in your house (such as your television and the sofa ) against theft or damage. Some policies even cover your belongings while you’re out and about.

Combined Home Insurance

To simplify the process, you can insure your buildings and belongings with the same insurer, but you should always compare rates with your insurance broker to ensure you’re getting the best value.

Home Insurance: Where do I start?

Consider the following frequently asked questions while shopping for home insurance:

Have you considered all of the items, large and small, in your home?

How much would it cost to replace all of your possessions?

Do you reside in an earthquake-prone zone, hurricane-prone zone, tornado-prone zone, or flood-prone zone?

What if you lost your home and were forced to relocate temporarily?

Do you travel and are concerned about the stuff you bring?

Are you protected against identity fraud at the moment?

Are you concerned about someone sustaining an injury on your property?

What are the things that influence the cost of home insurance?

The cost of your house insurance can be affected by a variety of factors, including the following:

Your property type and size

The number of people living there

The property’s location

Your security measures, such as door and window locks, as well as burglar alarms

The expense of completely reconstructing your home

The cost of replacing all of your personal belongings

Whether or not you own any expensive items

Any additional features you provide in your policy.

Flood Insurance in Linwood

Typically, your homeowners insurance policy should be an all-risk (or comprehensive) policy for best coverage and protection. All losses are covered, except for those that are specifically excluded. For example, war, terrorism, and flood are among the most prevalent policy exclusions. That’s correct; most insurance policies don’t cover flood damage.

The most common flooding causes are dam failure due to natural causes, storm rainfall, spring snowmelt runoff, structural failure, and tidal floods. A few insurance companies currently offer coverage for inland flooding. You may have to request and pay for this protection in some circumstances. Remember that sewer backup and water damage frequently have sub-limits and deductibles.

Why should you choose Orr Insurance?

Feel confident and secure knowing that Orr Insurance will be there with you.

While most insurance policies are similar in terms of price and function, insurers differ significantly when it comes to constructing a policy that truly covers you. When it comes to our clients, we don’t think there is any such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy. You may think that you want to go for the cheapest insurance available, but you may not get what you have bargained for.

Orr Insurance offers customized policies for businesses and individuals alike. We are constantly looking for methods to improve protection, including carefully selected insurance companies that are both affordable and responsive.

Contact us and allow our company’s expertise to assist you in forging the strongest shield possible to defend the things you’ve worked so hard to build.

Orr Insurance can help you get covered with our auto, home buildings and contents, strata or landlord insurance for your property and precious possessions. In addition, Orr Insurance is right beside you to ensure that you can focus on running your business, providing coverage for your business insurance needs, such as liability and workers’ compensation.

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