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Your home is where your dreams thrive, and it’s where you make beautiful memories with your family. That is why it’s so important that you have the right insurance coverage to protect you — and that’s where we come in!

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Orr Insurance brokers have been helping Goderich residents save on their house insurance over the years. Our team will help you analyze the situation and offer you the best policy with the best coverage in the Goderich insurance industry.

Connecting with an experienced insurance broker means you’ll get to work with a reliable advisor who understands your unique needs. Your broker should act as your advocate. They should always be available to help you in protecting what matters most. In addition, they should assist you in finding all the answers you need related to your coverage, your claims and eligible discounts. A knowledgeable insurance broker like Orr Insurance can help you review your specific needs and risks, forecast future changes, and identify coverage gaps, as well as additional discounts you may have been unaware of.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Home Insurance?
  2. Your Home Insurance Policy: What Is Covered And What Is Not?
  3. If You Have A Home Office, Is It Covered By Your Insurance Policy?
  4. Temporary Housing & Home Insurance
  5. Other Structures & Home Insurance
  6. What Is Meant By Liability Insurance?
  7. Shopping For Homeowner’s Insurance: Final Considerations
  8. How To File Your Home Insurance Claim?
  9. What To Expect From The Claims Department?
  10. Home Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

You’re a savvy shopper, but you may miss many important protections if you don’t understand your home insurance policy well. To ensure the home insurance coverage that fits your needs, it’s a smart move to get all the answers before you sign.

What Is Home Insurance?

To fully grasp how your home insurance protects you, it’s necessary to understand what the term “home insurance” means.

Home insurance protects your home by assisting with repairs or replacements to your home’s structure and contents and can cover you if you are found liable for injury to someone or damage to their property.

Your conventional homeowner’s policy includes mandatory coverages that protect you against a certain set of common perils. You can tailor your insurance and add coverages to meet your specific needs. Many factors determine the level of coverage you require for your property. Generally, you should have enough coverage to cover the expenses of reconstructing your house and replacing all of your personal belongings in the case of an unforeseen disaster.

The replacement cost of your home is the amount of money required to reconstruct it. If your coverage is set too low, you will be underinsured and may not have enough money to restore your property completely in the event of a catastrophic loss.

Because the cost of reconstructing a property differs from its market value, utilizing the market value to determine your insurance coverage may not provide adequate or the best protection. Consult our team of insurance brokers at Orr Insurance to ensure that your home is insured for its replacement value, not its market worth.

Your Home Insurance Policy: What Is Covered And What Is Not?

Your house insurance policy generally covers costs associated with damage caused by things like fire, lightning, hail, windstorms, theft and vandalism. Additionally, it covers the cost of temporary housing if your home is unfit while it is being repaired or rebuilt. Finally, it offers liability coverage for legal and medical expenses if somebody is injured on your property or because of your activities.

Often, a homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover floods, sump pump overflow or sewer backup, earthquakes, mould, or termite infestation. Additional coverages, however, are available to assist protect you against these occurrences.

For example, flood damage is not covered under a standard homes insurance policy. Regardless of where you reside, it’s a smart idea to secure your property with flood insurance. Flooding and water damage can occur even if you are not near a river, lake, or ocean. You can always discuss the benefits of adding flood insurance with your broker.

Earthquake coverage is another optional feature that is not included in standard insurance. It protects your house in the case of damage from an earthquake.

If your home has a finished basement, sewer backup and sump pump overflow coverage are other excellent add-ons for your house insurance policy. Again, if your system ever malfunctions or the power goes out, water overflow may occur, and your standard homeowner’s policy won’t cover the resulting water damage to your home’s structure or personal belongings stored in your basement.

Your insurance broker at Orr Insurance can assist you in better understanding these additional coverages and why they are necessary.

If You Have A Home Office, Is It Covered By Your Insurance Policy?

Standard homeowners insurance policies may cover some home office property. However, coverage may be limited. You can acquire additional coverage to guarantee that your business property is appropriately protected. Remember to ask your agent if you require liability coverage for your home office or company property in a separate facility, like a detached garage.

Are you looking for personalized insurance coverage? Contact Orr Insurance for the best coverage at competitive rates. Protect yourself against the unexpected and achieve the peace of mind you deserve.

Temporary Housing & Home Insurance

Consider the following scenario: your home or apartment has been destroyed by a small kitchen fire. Not only does your kitchen require repairs, but your residence also has smoke damage. Would you be able to remain in your home comfortably while repairs are being made? Most likely not.

This is where temporary housing insurance comes into play.

Temporary living expense coverage, commonly known as loss of use coverage, reimburses you for living expenses incurred while you are displaced from your home due to a covered incident.

In the following situations, insurance can be used to pay the expense of temporary housing:

Following a fire, your home becomes uninhabitable

A tree crushed your roof due to a windstorm

If your air conditioner fails due to a covered occurrence, such as a stroke of lightning

If you were forced to relocate temporarily due to an emergency, mandatory evacuation

Your home was struck by a vehicle.

Your home becomes not habitable as a result of an explosion.

What is Temporary Housing?

Depending on the time duration that your home is not habitable, the cost of living and temporary lodging may rise — insurance for temporary housing assists in covering the cost of accumulated living expenditures.

Coverage for temporary living expenses includes the following:

Temporary lodgings, such as a hotel or apartment

Expenses associated with eating, such as restaurant meals while staying in a hotel

Costs associated with household item storage

Transportation expenditures associated with increased miles to and from home

Utility costs in a new home or rental space

Moving expenses

Fees for parking

Costs associated with laundry

Bear in mind that this coverage assists in covering the extra expenditures associated with temporary living expenses compared to your typical standard of living.

Therefore, you’ll be covered for a rental property that’s comparable to the cost of your existing home. For example, if you’re forced to eat out more frequently due to the lack of a functional kitchen and your meal expenses are $100 higher than usual, your coverage will reimburse you for the difference.

Our team of licensed insurance brokers is experienced at finding you the right insurance from our partner network of insurance companies. You don’t have to go over each policy with a fine-tooth comb; we do that for you.

Other Structures & Home Insurance

When insurance companies refer to Other Structures on a home insurance policy, they are talking about detached structures on your property. Other structures can include the following:



Detached garages

Swimming pools


Please note that the other structures on your property are also insured for the same types of disasters as your home, including fire, falling objects and vandalism. For instance, if a tree fell on the shed, other structures’ coverage might assist with covering the cost of repairs. Your policy will detail precisely what is and is not covered, so have a check to ensure you understand how you are covered. Then contact an insurance broker – their knowledge and experience will help them explain each section of the policy to you.

Property Insurance Coverage for Other Structures

It’s important to understand that other structures’ coverage protects the structure itself — not the contents stored inside. Personal property coverage on your homeowner’s insurance protects your valuables regardless of whether they are in your house. Therefore, when determining coverage amounts and compiling a house inventory, remember to include the contents of your shed, garage, and any other unattached structures where you may hold personal property.

When purchasing a homeowners insurance policy, usually you have three options for coverage of other structures:


  1. You can choose a blanket coverage amount for all structures and buildings on your property (except structures used for agriculture or farming).
  2. You can select which buildings or structures to insure and the appropriate amount of coverage for each. Your Orr insurance broker can assist you in determining the value of your detached structure to ensure that you have enough coverage limits.
  3. If you have no structures or do not wish to have coverage for your existing structures, you will not be required to select this type of coverage.

Review your coverage with an Orr Insurance broker. They’ll gladly answer your questions and assist you with determining whether your policy requires extra structures coverage.

What Is Meant By Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance covers you from accidents for which you are found legally liable. For example, liability insurance can offer you protection from:

Medical and legal fees are incurred due to a guest being injured on your property, for example, if they accidentally fall and break their wrist.

Legal and medical costs incurred due to a dog (or any other pet) biting another person.

Damage to another person’s property is caused by your activities, your children’s actions, or another household member’s actions, such as breaking windows with a ball.

Vehicle-related damage would not be covered by the liability coverage of your homeowner’s policy — that is why you get auto insurance! Orr Insurance brokers can assist you in determining the level of liability coverage and limits which are most suitable for your needs.

Shopping For Homeowner’s Insurance: Final Considerations

Here are some questions you’ll want answers for when looking to purchase home insurance:


Do you own valuable items such as fine jewellery, furs, fine art, or silverware? If that is the case, make a note of it and contact your insurance broker to discuss any additional coverage that may be required.

Do you want replacement cost coverage for your personal property? For example, if your refrigerator or stove is damaged due to a covered loss, replacement cost coverage can pay for a new one with similar functionality and features.

Is your liability coverage adequate to guard your assets? First, take a close look at the policy’s liability coverage limit. Then, consider purchasing an umbrella policy to offer another layer of protection.

Do you require further risk protection? Talk to your agent and consider purchasing enhanced homeowners insurance to provide your additional protection.

How To File Your Home Insurance Claim?

When your home is destroyed or damaged, we’ll assist you in getting things to normal as soon as possible. Having the right home insurance policy coverage in place and a strong relationship with a competent insurance broker will make all the difference in terms of your recovery.

Understanding the claims procedure and who to contact in the event of a tragedy will help you to get back to normal in your life.

If you have sustained a loss, you will require the following information when filing a claim:

Your name, phone number, and mailing address

Your policy’s identification number

Your loss: date and time

A concise account of what occurred and the resulting damage

Insurance coverage and contact details for any additional parties involved.

Do you need to make a claim? Select one of the following:

Contact your insurance broker.

Call Orr Insurance customer care center at 1.800.876.4163

Submit an online claim

What To Expect From The Claims Department?

Following the submission of your claim, a claim agent will contact you to confirm the claim’s contents and timeline. Your insurance provider will assess and process your claim as quickly as possible to ensure that you receive the funds necessary to repair, rebuild, or replace the property you’ve lost.

Home Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have all the answers you need? Start your house insurance journey by comparing homeowner’s insurance rates from different insurance companies.

Still have questions? Speak to a home insurance broker at Orr insurance today and decide which policy offers the best protection for you and your home.

We have noted down homeowners insurance top questions we got from our clients. You can jot them down and ask your Orr Insurance broker to give you confidence in your coverage.

Concerning Home Insurance

What amount of homeowners insurance do I require?

Can I adjust the amount of coverage on my house insurance policy?

How do I obtain an online quote for homeowners insurance?

Do I require a house inventory list for insurance purposes?

Can I choose who provides my homeowner’s insurance, or does my mortgage lender?

What is covered by personal property insurance?

Coverage for Property and Liability

Is personal injury covered under homes insurance?

Are the plumbing and ruptured pipes covered under homeowners insurance?

Is my homeowner’s insurance going to cover frozen pipes?

Is vandalism covered under homes insurance?

What if someone gets wounded on my property?

Why should I get personal liability insurance?

Will my coverage pay additional living expenses while my home is being restored if it is damaged?

Does homes insurance cover trees that have fallen?

Is my homeowner’s insurance coverage going to cover the disposal of debris from my yard?

I share a room with another person. Is my homeowner’s coverage going to cover their belongings?

My neighbourhood is prone to earthquakes. Does the homeowner’s insurance cover damage caused by an earthquake?

Is flood damage covered under my homeowner’s policy?

Is umbrella insurance required in addition to my homeowner’s insurance?

Is my dog covered under my homeowner’s policy?

Will my homeowner’s insurance cover me if my dog causes harm to another person?

Is dog bite coverage included in homes insurance?

Payments, Discounts, and Premiums

How can you get a discount on homeowner’s insurance?

Is it possible to purchase homeowners insurance online?

When will my new policy become effective?

What can I do to reduce the cost of my home’s insurance?

How can I make a payment on my homeowner’s insurance bill?

How can I terminate an insurance policy?

For newbies or those who wish to brush up on their insurance knowledge, we are here to help. At Orr insurance, we make insurance simple and straightforward — so you can be confident in all your insurance choices.

Orr Insurance Services include:

Property Insurance

Condo Insurance

Tenant Insurance

Renters Insurance

Flood Insurance

Mutual Insurance

Auto Insurance

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