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A garage automobile insurance policy is essential for businesses that maintain care and control of a customers’ vehicle. Whether you run an auto repair shop, detail vehicles, or run a service station, this unique coverage is essential to protect the business you’ve worked hard to build. Talk to your Orr Insurance & Investment Broker to get a comprehensive insurance solution that takes care of all your needs so you can relax and continue living the dream.

Question Mark Why do you need garage automobile insurance?

Garage automobile insurance policies provide a special type of coverage for businesses in which customers’ vehicles are left in your “care and control”. Did you know that your customers’ personal auto insurance policy excludes coverage for damage caused by a garage while their vehicle is being worked on? Think about this for a moment – if one of your employees crashes a customers’ vehicle in the process of test driving it following a repair, you would be liable. A garage automobile insurance policy is designed to meet this unique need. It covers liability exposures for damage for non-owned automobiles and extends to any of your active partners or employees that you list on your application for insurance. The coverage can be expanded to include owned automobiles as well.

Question Mark What types of businesses need garage automobile insurance coverage?

Businesses that need garage automobile insurance coverage may include auto repair garages, oil and lube service stations, body shops, specialty shops (glass repair, window tinting, vehicle wraps), parking garages, valet services, auto detailing and car washes. In each of these facilities, there is a possibility for damage to occur to vehicles left in their care.

Question Mark What does garage automobile insurance cover?

A garage automobile insurance policy will provide coverage for claims resulting from risks associated with owning and operating a business that works with, sells, stores, transports or otherwise are in the care, custody and control of a customers’ vehicle. Coverages usually included under a commercial garage automobile insurance policy include third party liability, accident benefits, direct compensation – property damage, legal liability for physical damage to customer vehicles and physical damage to owned vehicles.

Question Mark Still unsure if you need garage automobile insurance?

If you own a business that requires you to be in the care and control of a vehicle that is not owned by you, you should talk to us about garage automobile insurance options. Contact us today to determine what coverage options are right for you.

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