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What is farm insurance?


Farm insurance is often given as part of a package that covers agricultural enterprises, structures, tools, and products. It provides coverage for farm machinery and equipment, animals, buildings, profits, and produce under a single policy.

In most cases, farm insurance is a highly customized policy. You begin with the most basic, bare-bones coverage, then add on additional choices according to your home and business need. Due to the unique nature of every farm or ranch, an agent will frequently conduct a site visit to ensure that your property is properly insured.

What is covered in a farm insurance policy?


Personal property directly linked to the farming activity is covered by farm insurance. Agricultural equipment and machinery, animals, and farm supplies such as silage, seed, animal feed, fertilizers, and pesticides are often divided into three categories in the coverage.

Most farm insurance policies allow consumers to select broad coverages from a list of categories or schedule specific things. These choices function in the same way as endorsements and floaters do. When you meet with your agent and buy the insurance, you may select which option is best for you.

Various Types of Farm insurance

Farm businesses often mix personal and business insurance types, but farm insurance contains a specialized set of coverages that may include the following:


Home and contents insurance: protects the farm owner’s home as well as the contents of the farmer’s home in the event of a loss, damage, or theft.

Farm motor: Similar to auto insurance, it also covers other dangers that you may face if you work on a farm.


Farm machinery refers to agricultural machineries such as tractors and accompanying equipment. Your farm equipment may be leased, in which case insurance is a required component of the leasing agreement, or it may be owned.

Liability insurance for farms: Because this is a specialized product, you should find an insurance provider that knows the unique risks associated with your farm business so you can be certain that your coverage is enough.


Depending on the policy’s exclusions, livestock, fence, and hay insurance will cover your farm animals and products against unintentional injury, theft, damage, extreme weather occurrences, and other accidents.

Farm loss of business and income interruption insurance pays you if an accident, theft, or injury, as well as bad weather, prevents you from making money via your normal company operations.

Personal injury and accident insurance, goods in transit insurance, workers compensation insurance if your farm company employs people, and public liability insurance are all examples of this sort of insurance.


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What does farm insurance not cover?


One should be careful when it comes to insuring a farm. There are a few products that you may believe are automatically covered by your insurance, but they are most likely not. There are a few nuances concerning fences and fires that homeowners should bear in mind when it comes to their insurance coverage.

Farm insurance does not automatically cover fencing. Standard farm insurance plans seldom cover fencing. In terms of necessities, this may seem paradoxical – many farms have a lot of fences — but that’s precisely why normal farm insurance doesn’t cover it. Some farms may have no fence at all, while others may have miles of it. There are numerous various styles of fence, which might affect how much it costs to insure.


For all of the reasons mentioned above, insurance providers allow policyholders to choose whether or not to cover a fence as part of a policy extension. For a farm insurance policy to extensively cover fencing, it would have to include a risk that many policyholders aren’t exposed to — even if it would result in a higher premium.

Note on farm insurance plans’ covered perils

Only risks specifically named in your insurance cover farm machinery and equipment. Technical failures and equipment that has not been properly maintained will not be covered. Farm equipment, like many other things, is becoming more technologically complex, and unless you buy a particular extension, you may not be protected.


In the case of a fire, policyholders must ensure that their house and other structures are insured. Although most farms are insured against fires, some circumstances may trigger an exclusion. Your agent, for example, will take note of road access to farm buildings. Some carriers demand that the roads leading to the buildings covered by the insurance be paved or solid gravel.

Some people believe that a pond on the property would serve, but if a hydrant is unavailable, fire truck hoses must be able to reach both the pond and covered buildings. A fire truck will probably stray off a road or gravel in dry circumstances, but if a field is covered with snow or too muddy, it may not. Because there are no visible roadways leading to your barn or stable, you’re more likely to be damaged in a fire, which might lead to your insurer omitting fire as a covered danger on your policy.

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Before you buy insurance, we ask you a series of questions to guarantee that your coverage is always suited to your unique needs and expectations. If you ever want to discuss your options with one of our experts, please do so. This might come in handy if you want to double-check your cover before making any changes.

With us, you’ll always know where you stand. We guarantee to provide you with all of the information you need before you purchase insurance, throughout the term of your policy, and, most importantly, if you need to make a claim.

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