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Farm Insurance for ALL Farmers

Whether you’re a dairy, or arable farmer, we know every farm business is unique. That’s why each of our insurance policies is customized to you, your farm and your specific needs, giving you the complete peace of mind that you deserve.

As one of Canada’s leading agricultural insurance brokers, we can provide you with the best rates along with the best service. We understand your difficulties, and our primary focus is working to keep you and your business safe. Our farm insurance policies can include buildings, contents, liabilities and any other sections as per your requirement. Orr Insurance’s experience in farm insurance across Seaforth is unrivalled.

We’ll Help With Your Farm Insurance Policy

Offering You More Options at Renewal - Orr Insurance & Investment

Orr insurance agents will work with you to identify risk management strategies and insurance coverage to protect your business. Our farm insurance specialists hold the following qualifications:

A local footprint

Wherever you are, our agents make ourselves available to you to learn about you and your business’s specific challenges and hazards.

Extensive Knowledge

With extensive farming backgrounds, our team’s understanding of the agricultural market will benefit you as we will arrange cover and provide advice on all things affecting you.

Strong Connections

We deal with a number of premier agriculture insurance companies that give a variety of coverage options, so we’ll be able to find out the policy that’s perfect for you.

What does farm Insurance Cover?

  • Home and Contents
  • Farm Outbuildings
  • Farm Machinery
  • Farmer’s Liability

Orr insurance offers access to a variety of farm insurances that cover everything from farm buildings and livestock to theft and rural crime, as well as business interruption and income protection and your home. We’ll be there for you every step of the way as farming evolves and adapts to a fast-changing environment, offering assistance to help your business diversify and flourish.

While many insurance brokers shy away from farm insurance, we’ve developed our business around it. Based on our excellent relationships with insurers, solid relations with associated professions including engineers, loss adjusters, and land agents and our executive backgrounds in farming and rural life, you can count on us. All of these characteristics allow us to collaborate directly with you, our farmers and rural businesses to provide you with the best farm policy experience possible.

With Orr Insurance agents on your side, farm insurance will be one less thing for you to worry about. Call us at 1.800.876.4163.

Farm Insurance = All Farmers

Farm Insurance is flexible and can accommodate any kind of farm. There is farm insurance coverage suitable for everyone.

Grow soybeans and a few other crops? Farm insurance may assist with this. Have a little hobby farm near your house and continue to cultivate tobacco? There is a policy for your farm.

Dairy farmer? Have a modest property where show horses are raised? Do you operate chicken coops in many locations?

Orr Insurance can customize a farm insurance policy to match your requirements, cover your buildings and equipment, and protect you against liability claims, regardless of the nature of your farm.

The higher the size of your farm, the more coverage you will need to safeguard its many buildings and pricey equipment.

However, if you are a small-scale hobby farmer, your policy may resemble a standard homeowner’s insurance policy with additional farm coverage — although it would still be a farm insurance policy.

Regardless of the size of your little piece of paradise, farm insurance can protect it, and Orr Insurance can make sure of it. Call us today.

Offering You More Options at Renewal

We use over five different insurers to pick and customize customer insurance. By ensuring our policies, we are able to establish our own service standards and manage all parts of your farm under a single policy.

We continually monitor your policies and seek to re-market them to other insurers at the time of renewal to ensure that the cost is comparable with the coverage choices you insurance needs. This is not something you would receive while buying farm insurance from Orr Insurance.

For the best farm insurance quote, email or contact us directly at 1.800.876.4163.

From Quote To Claim, We’re Here For You!

Orr Insurance strives to provide individualized service to each of our customers. You will have a dedicated account manager who will use their considerable understanding of your company and farm insurance products to provide you with extremely competitive prices and the best coverage. When a farm insurance policy is up for renewal, we provide a policy review to ensure that you are up-to-date on any legislative changes and confident in your level of coverage moving ahead.

In the case of a claim, your devoted agricultural claims team will always advocate for your best interests and work diligently to achieve a satisfying settlement.

Orr Insurance: A Fourth Generation Family Business

A Fourth Generation Family Business - Orr Insurance & Investment

At Orr Insurance, we provide landowners and farmers with guidance about their farm estate and buildings insurance, as well as challenges pertaining to increasingly diversified agricultural techniques and conventional farming operations.

We supply first-rate farm insurance in Seaforth and recognize that high-quality customer service involves an in-depth understanding of the business and its difficulties. Orr Insurance has well-established contacts with many of Canada’s leading farm insurers.

This allows us access to all open market facilities and tailors your farm insurance cover to meet the needs of traditional and contemporary farming operations. Finally, deliver comprehensive and wide-ranging levels of farm insurance cover at competitive rates for your farm estate and farm buildings.

All forms of agricultural properties, enterprises, assets, and liabilities are eligible for specialized insurance for farmers.

Do you need insurance for farm vehicle insurance as well? Contact us to get a custom quote.

Farm Insurance: FAQs

When is the best time to buy farm insurance?

At any point during the year, effective dates might be created. Typically, it is preferable for the farm to seek a renewal date during the offseason. This ensures enough time is spent analyzing and contemplating your insurance coverage.

What items should I have on hand to discuss my policy thoroughly?

We suggest compiling a list of places, equipment with matching values, houses and outbuildings, as well as information on operations (revenue, crops, animals, etc.).

Agriculture is not my main occupation. How will this affect my farm insurance?

Yes! While farm plans provide coverage possibilities not available in a homeowner’s policy, Orr Insurance agents will work along with you to determine whether farm insurance or a properly endorsed homeowner’s policy is more suitable for your requirements.

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