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Whether farming is just a hobby or your occupation, you will probably agree that there’s nothing more peaceful than working your own land. At Orr Insurance, we have been insuring farms of all sizes across Ontario since 1895.

Whether you are planning on selling produce from your garden at the local farmer’s market or making your farm your full-time job, it is highly crucial to make sure that you grasp all that is to know about farm insurance coverage in Linwood.

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What is farm insurance?

A farm insurance is often given as part of an insurance package that covers agricultural enterprises, structures, tools, and output. It provides coverage for farm equipment and machinery, animals, buildings, profits, and produce.


Farm Insurance

As Canada’s leading farm insurer, we’re continuously looking for ways to stay ahead of industry trends to make sure your farming insurance is in safe hands. Whatever your farming insurance needs, Orr Insurance can protect your livelihood and your future, whether it is a small business of a few animals to a larger or one with more complex operations.

Can your homeowner’s policy cover farming activities?

Many people see their huge garden or small farm as a pastime rather than a business. If you fall into this group, some of these agricultural operations may be covered by your ordinary homeowner’s insurance policy. However, bear in mind that farm equipment and buildings are often excluded from homeowners insurance coverage. Make sure to check with your local Orr insurance agent to see exactly what your homeowner’s policy covers.


Farm Insurance Linwood

Don’t wait until you have a claim to see whether your farm or ranch is covered by the right insurance. Contact one of our appointed Orr insurance agents to get a quote today.

What is the best type of policy if you are farming for a profit?

Hobby farming for profit needs coverage that is different from your standard homeowner’s insurance. Consider a hobby farm insurance if you start selling farmed produce at a local farmer’s market.


Farm Insurance

There are a few requirements that must be met in order for a farm to be classified as a hobby farm. Please speak with one of our expert Orr insurance agents for additional information about the criteria.

What is the best type of policy if farming is your full-time occupation?

If you want to take your pastime to the next level and start farming as a full-time job, you’ll need farm owner’s insurance. Property coverage, liability coverage, and other features are usually included in a standard farm owner’s insurance.


farm insurance

This basic coverage should be adjusted with endorsements according to your farm’s particular requirements to effectively safeguard your livelihood. Your local Linwood insurance agent can assist you in determining which endorsements are most appropriate for your farm.

Is farm insurance coverage similar in all types of policies?

A widespread misconception regarding farm insurance is that it is a policy that is just a collection of pre-determined coverages. In fact, farm insurance plans are so diverse that there is no such thing as a standard policy. Each agricultural enterprise is different; thus, a policy should be tailored to the farmer’s specific requirements.


Farm insurance

Our farm insurance may include coverage for residences, personal property, farm structures and buildings, machinery and equipment, animals produce, and liabilities, depending on the choices you choose. Additional farm coverages, such as an animal collision, the expense of recovering the farm and more, are included in your policy by default. Limits or deductibles may apply to certain goods.

For further information, please contact an insurance agent at 1.800.876.4163.

Farm Insurance Linwood: Coverage for Vehicles

A good truck is more than a convenience and a lifestyle choice for farmers. It’s an important element of your daily life. Farm vehicle insurance protects your farm’s vehicles, including light and heavy-duty trucks, as well as your personal vehicles. If your car is involved in an accident, collision and comprehensive coverage are available.


Farm Insurance Coverage for Vehicles - Orr Insurance & Investment

The year, model, make, serial number, value (including any relevant taxes), bill of sale, and information on lienholders will all be requested (if financed or leased). Please contact one of our insurance agents to discuss your unique requirements.

Call 1.800.876.4163 right now for a price or more information on Farm Vehicle Insurance.

Is your farm underinsured?

It may be tempting to save money by choosing the cheapest insurance coverage available when it comes to insuring your farm. However, if your farm property, cattle, or equipment isn’t insured enough to replace it in the case of a loss, you may find yourself in a financial dilemma.


Farm insurance

Here are seven signs that your farm is underinsured.

  1. You haven’t had your assets appraised in a while.
  2. Changing commodity prices — consumer tastes and weather conditions are two factors which can influence prices and values.
    Farm insurance
  3. Second-hand equipment prices are rising – top quality agricultural gear and cars may attract a high resale price on the used market, with most values decreasing at a slower pace than a new car.
  4. You expand into other business sectors – farmers looking for extra cash sources outside of agriculture should look into what their current insurance policy covers.
    The Amount of Coverage You Need - Orr Insurance & Investment
  5. You fail to notify your insurance company about modifications to buildings, much as increasing or changing the scope of your firm might affect its worth and coverage. If you don’t notify your insurer of any modifications to your structures, you may discover that the full worth of your property isn’t paid out in the case of a claim.
  6. You underestimate the amount of coverage you need – many individuals make the mistake of merely considering the market worth of their property when purchasing insurance. If a structure is damaged by fire, there may be additional expenditures to consider, ranging from professional fees to additional rebuild costs, such as those for locating specialty materials or tradespeople.
    Expanding to Other Business - Orr Insurance & Investment
  7. You bring in new equipment to meet increased seasonal demand – inform your insurer if you’re employing new machinery and cars to boost output. You don’t want to find out later that they aren’t covered under your insurance if they break down or are stolen.Speak to your local Linwood insurance agents for further information and to see whether you have the proper coverage in place.

Orr Insurance Relies on Word of Mouth

As a fourth-generation family business, Orr Insurance takes pleasure in helping farmers throughout Ontario and relies on word-of-mouth in this close-knit agricultural community. Telling another farmer about our coverage is one of the highest compliments our farm insurance policyholders can pay us.


We Relies on Word of Mouth - Orr Insurance & Investment

We recognize that today’s farms come in a variety of forms and sizes, each with its own set of issues, so you need to know you’re backed by a professional and experienced farm insurance provider like Orr Insurance that can be trusted to give the best possible service suited to you.

Your farm is more than simply a piece of land; it’s your life’s labour. With homes, hobby farms, or farm insurance coverage, you can ensure that your farm is properly secured. For nearly four decades, Orr Insurance has been addressing the particular requirements of farm families throughout Canada.

We know that each farm is unique, and one of our Linwood farm insurance agents can craft a custom policy just for you. Contact Orr Insurance to discuss your specific requirements, and our insurance agents will be glad to come up with a personalized insurance plan.


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