Coverage Options

As Modern as Your Operation

The farm specialists at Orr Insurance & Investment understand today’s farming needs

“Farming” means many things now – from the traditional family farm to a rural estate, heritage breeding to intensive livestock operations, thousands of acres in cash crops to large-scale greenhouses, niche and traditional practices to agri-business in multiple locations. Your Orr Insurance Broker understands the special needs of your people, operations and livelihood.

Technology, markets, scale, machinery, facilities, transportation, inputs, contracts, investments, liabilities … the business of farming has never been so complex. At Orr Insurance & Investment, we have experts with over 20 years’ experience with various kinds of farming across the local counties, who will understand both the complexity and locality of your operations.

As an independent Insurance Broker, your Orr Representative works with a selection of insurers that specialize in farm policies for dairy, poultry, rural lifestyle, market gardening, hog and cash crop operations. Our Brokers can, and do, shop the market to find the right coverage at the right price for your operations:




Your Orr representative can help determine the insurable value of your home and other residential properties, including homeowner’s insurance, tenant packages, rental properties, seasonal residences and cottages, and tell if you’re eligible for various discounts, such as:

  •          Claims Free
  •          Non-Smoker
  •          Loyalty Discounts (for long term clients)
  •          New Home Discount
  •          Mature Policy Holder
  •          Mortgage-Free Homes
  •          Renewal Discounts
  •          Multiple policies with one company



We can arrange coverage for various farm buildings such as barns, specialty barns for livestock, machine sheds and workshops, granaries and other storage facilities, grain dryers and elevator legs.



Your Orr representative has the flexibility to arrange policies that specify owned and non-owned livestock, full mortality, and livestock transportation coverages.



We know your land use and crop needs change from year to year – we can arrange coverage for feed, grain or hay crops, chemicals for spraying, and seed for either owned and non-owned planting.


Machinery & Equipment

Coverage is available for your business operating equipment, including tractors, combines, forage harvesters, skid steers, self-propelled sprayers, vehicles of husbandry, other machinery for working the ground, planting or harvesting, computerized equipment, and damage to non-owned machinery.


Loss of Farm Income

No one goes into farming for the predictability, so your Orr representative can look at your operation and help decide what you need to backstop lost farm income due an insured peril, including when your own livestock operation is dependent on other suppliers.


Farmers Accident Insurance

This is a must-have: Life and injury coverage for loss of life or limb due to accident. But did you know you can also arrange coverage for labour replacement expenses?


Farm Liability Insurance

Protect your operation from ruinous lawsuits from bodily injury or property damage arising from your premises, operations or products – we have flexibility to set limits according to your comfort level. Your Orr Insurance Broker can also include extensions for additional locations (rented or owned), custom work, custom spraying and manure applications, and other commercial operations that are incidental to your farming activity.


Farmers Pollution Liability

This is coverage for cleanup of pollutants from fuel tanks, sprays and manure spills that can contaminate other people’s property.


Value Added Commercial Coverages, including Alternative Energy

It’s important for your Orr Representative to visit your operation firsthand to see and explain if you need liability extensions for activities such as the sale of value added farm goods, and alternative energy installations like solar units, bio-digesters and wind installations.


Non-Owned Livestock Liability

Non-owned Livestock Liability Insurance is widely misunderstood. It is intended to cover “the insured’s legal liability for physical injury to livestock causing death or making total destruction necessary of livestock while in the care, custody or control of the insured.” This is intended for people who house, feed or care for other people’s animals, such as a farmer who contracts to feed cattle or pigs for another farmer. Regular farm liability insurance excludes “property in the care, custody and control of the insured or property as to which the insured is for any purpose exercising physical control.”


The issue becomes who is liable if something happens to the animals in the care of a custom feeder or boarder. The insurable interest for the animals still rests with the farmer who owns the livestock, and the owner of the animals will insure their animals for the specified perils or coverages listed in the livestock policy – usually fire, windstorm, smoke, hail, lightning, collapse of buildings, flood, collision or overturn of vehicle during transport, vehicle impact, theft, accidental shooting, electrocution, attack by wild animals and entrapment, and other perils that vary from company to company.


Why do I need non-owned livestock liability coverage?

This type of policy covers the insured’s legal liability for physical injury causing death or necessitating destruction of livestock while in your care, custody or control.


Usually, the loss would be from an accidental occurrence such as negligence of a custom feeder, or other loss not covered by the owner’s livestock insurance, such as an unforeseen peril not specified, or a deductible. To illustrate::

1. Suppose a custom feeder contracts to custom-feed pigs, and that barn owner agitates an under-barn manure pit and gasses the pigs – the contractor would be liable for the loss.

2. Likewise, accidental poisoning of a water supply can incur liability for death or destruction of livestock.

3. If a feeding barn has a faulty automatic sorter or alarm system and the contractor fails to fix the defect, loss due to malfunctioning equipment can cause the feeder to be held liable.

4. If the custom feeder accidentally burns down the building from welding inside the barn, or is burning grass or garbage near the barn and the barn catches fire, that can trigger a lawsuit.


In most cases the coverage is rather inexpensive, in the range of $200-300 for $100,000 coverage, often with a limit of $4,000 per animal – but rates, deductibles and coverages vary from insurance company to insurance company, so it is important to discuss your operation and methods in detail with your Orr Broker to make sure you have the appropriate protection.