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What is Farm Insurance?

Farming is a broad term that includes anything from a small hobby farm to large-scale businesses that cover vast stretches of land. Your farm is your source of income, an investment, and a way of life. It’s critical to have the correct insurance in place to safeguard yourself and your livelihood.

Having the right farm insurance coverage is critical whether you run a large business farm operation or support your local farmer’s market. Orr farm insurance experts live and work in the neighbourhood, so they’re acquainted with your company’s requirements, as well as industry and market trends. We work hard to build connections with our customers because, more often than not, the link already exists in the community. Our farm insurance experts will take the time to go through your operation with you, get to know you and your company, and be there for you when you need us.

Why Should You Insure Your Farm?

Your farm is most likely the largest and most essential investment you’ve ever made. The purpose of insurance is to protect you in the case of a disaster or a loss that you cannot pay. In the case of a loss, your house, its contents, outbuildings, equipment, animals, crops, and other valuables may be damaged.

Few of us have enough personal assets to compensate for such losses. Insurance allows us to shift the risk of financial loss to an insurer who has the financial capacity to meet the expenditures. Furthermore, insurance plans may protect you if someone is harmed or suffers property damage on your property as a result of anything you did or did not do. The same is true if a person is harmed or his property is damaged as a result of anything you own or someone you employ. You may be able to get insurance to cover you if someone gets sick or wounded after eating or using a product you gave them or sold them, such as fruits, vegetables, pies, or jams. Insurance plans may also protect you by providing you with a free attorney to defend you if you are sued for a claim that may be covered by your policy.

What type of farm insurance should you buy?

The type of insurance you need will be determined by a number of criteria, including:

  • the type of farm you have;
  • the type of business you run (producing crops, cattle, or agri-tourism);
  • if you have employees on the farm;
  • any outbuildings; and
  • the type of equipment you own.

Type Of Insurance Farm Insurance You Need - Orr Insurance & Investment

You should meet with an insurance consultant and discuss the details of your agricultural business in order to acquire the best insurance coverage for you. It’s essential to keep in mind that farm insurance is not the same as a homeowners policy. You should make sure you understand what is covered and what is not under your insurance coverage.

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Farm Insurance Policy: Standard Coverages

Property Damage Insurance

Covers your farmhouse and outbuildings, as well as your personal items, if they are damaged or destroyed as a result of a covered loss. Fire, lightning, hail, and tornadoes are just a few examples.

Liability Coverage

Pays for damages if you inadvertently injure another person or damage or destroy another person’s property.

Medical Payments Coverage

Covers up to a set amount for medical costs incurred by anyone injured on your property or, in certain cases, away from your farm, regardless of whether you were at fault for the incident. This policy does not cover you or a member of your family.

Extra living costs coverage

Pays for additional expenditures incurred while you are unable to reside in your home due to damage or loss covered by your policy. For example, if you need to stay in a hotel or apartment while your house is being restored, your insurance company will cover the expense of this temporary lodging.

How Much Does Farm Insurance Cost?

The cost of insurance is determined by a number of factors. The sort of coverage you wish to get is the most important factor. The price will also be influenced by your claim history and the size of your deductible; the bigger your deductible, the cheaper your premium.

Your insurance rate may be reduced if you develop a farm safety and security plan and do frequent self-assessments. Enquire with your agent or broker about any fees associated with paying a premium using a credit card. When a premium payment is made using a credit card, they are allowed to charge the real expenditures incurred, as long as the fee amount is stated.

What Should You Do In Case Of A Claim?

Keep in mind that most insurance policies include deadlines for submitting claims and require you to cooperate with the insurance company’s investigators. If you fail to immediately complete your claim forms, you will fail to safeguard your property from future damage or otherwise cooperate with your insurer, your claim may not be resolved to your satisfaction, and your coverage may be compromised. As a result, it’s necessary to answer quickly to each of your insurer’s requests.

Review Your Farm Insurance and Get a Quote with Orr Insurance

From precious livestock to farm machinery, Orr insurance provides a variety of insurance options for farmers throughout Brussels. No farms are alike, so we customize each policy to fit your farm business needs.

Are you ready to talk about your farm insurance needs? Our farm insurance specialists can analyze your existing commercial insurance plans, talk about your specific risks and activities, and help you select the best farm insurance coverage for your company. We are here to assist you by email, phone, or in person. Click the button below to get started on a quotation and obtain pricing estimates for your insurance coverage. Our risk management experts will contact you as soon as possible to assist you with your commercial insurance requirements. We are, of course, always ready to speak with you on the phone or in person. Make an appointment to visit our office at the Brussels area today.

You can contact our team at Orr Insurance to get a quote on farm insurance or inquire about other insurance products.

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