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What is farm insurance?

Whether you have a commercial operation, an estate farm, a family farm or a ranch farm, insurance protects both you and your business.


You may farm as a hobby or as a full-time job; you know that joys of farming give you a sense of fulfillment. Farm insurance protects you against a wide variety of hazards, including personal injury and property damage claims and lawsuits arising from your farm operation. Farm insurance also protects your livestock and products against unexpected losses caused by harsh weather, temperature dips, fires, pest problems and other disasters.

To safeguard your investment and any farm-related obligations, you’ll need farm insurance. Although the liability protection provided by a farm insurance policy may be adequate to safeguard your agricultural operations, additional policies such as product liability may be necessary.

Why buy farm insurance?

Protects your agricultural machinery and equipment

For an effective farming process, farming operations need the use of heavy equipment and technology. Farmers will benefit from farm machine coverage, which will assist them in repairing or replacing their equipment if it is destroyed or damaged due to a covered risk. We urge that you take excellent care of your equipment, as regular wear and tear, improper machine usage, and deliberate equipment damage are not covered.

Ensures the safety of your livestock and agricultural goods

You’ll have to deal with crops, seeds, cattle, or all three if you want to be a farmer. Fortunately, farm insurance covers all of these goods in the event of a fire or catastrophe. If your livestock is hurt or killed by a covered risk, farm insurance provides comprehensive coverage.

Farm Insurance includes liability insurance

Your farm insurance, like your house insurance, protects you against lawsuits for property damage, bodily injury, and medical expenses. In addition, if you are sued for any farm-related injuries or damage, the coverage compensates for your legal expenses. Remember that farm mishaps are frequent, particularly if you utilize complicated equipment or if your farm animals decide to eat your neighbour’s crops.

Every component of farm insurance coverage must be carefully considered. It is critical to understand your farm insurance policies, whether you operate a big farm or a smallholding. Animal assets, special equipment, and liability claims coverage are your safety net in the case of a disaster, but loss prevention should be at the top of your priority list. Understanding this information can assist you with your farm operations and could save you from out-of-pocket expenses and anxiety.

If your house or livelihood is based on farming or ranching, you may need coverage beyond that provided by a basic homeowners policy.

We at Orr Insurance ensure that our clients get the right farm coverage they need.

What is covered by a farm insurance policy?


A farm insurance policy covers agricultural dwellings and structures, as well as family furnishings and scheduled farm equipment like tractors. It offers liability coverage for bodily harm and property damage to others, as well as legal expenses for estate or hobby farms, regardless of fault. You may require farm and ranch insurance if you have cattle, animals, or horses or if you raise crops.

Types of farms we help insure

Orr insurance agents will guide you to get coverage that is customized to match your specific insurance requirements, regardless of the size of your business, whether you own or rent, grow crops or animals.

Hobby Farms

Hobby farms often feature one or two moderately valued houses that are inhabited by the insured and his or her family. Other structures, as well as agricultural and ranch equipment, may be present. Hobby farms may comprise a variety of activities, including the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, cereals, and other crops. Chickens, sheep, goats, alpacas, cattle, and other animals may be raised by the owners. Liability and product coverage for operations may be included in farm and ranch insurance. Equine coverage is required for any boarding or training of horses that produce revenue.

Estate Farms

Private estate farms with one or more high-value homes may benefit from an agribusiness policy. Other structures, as well as agricultural and ranch equipment, may be present. Animal and livestock injuries are covered under liability insurance. ATV, snowmobile and hunting exposures are also covered by this insurance, which is prevalent on these sorts of properties.

Ranches and Grain Growers

Important food supplies such as wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, soybeans, maize, and rye are often included in this category. Cow and calf operations, breeding, calving, eating, and a family farm rearing diverse animals are all part of ranching operations. Livestock transportation may also be included as an extra layer of protection.

Barns, silos, chutes, pens, corrals, and feed racks may all be insured. Portable constructions, private electricity and light poles, solar panels, outdoor radio and TV equipment, as well as antennas and towers, are all covered. For 60 days, your coverage covers new farm buildings. It also covers livestock losses caused by theft or fire. For loss caused by a collision, you may obtain separate coverage.

Equine Operations

Whether you own a single horse or a full-fledged commercial equine business, you may use these tips to help secure your equine operation. The following items are covered by an equine property endorsement:

  • Tack and equipment damage or loss
  • Sign replacement
  • Fences, corrals, and pens
  • Animal health product spoilage

Liability coverage for stable operations and equine professional services is also available.

Vineyards and orchards

Assist in lowering your financial risks associated with tree and vine damage. The following items are covered by an orchard and vineyard grower’s endorsement:

  • Damage or loss to trees or vines
  • Harvested orchard and vineyard goods at your fam
  • Loss or damage to signs
  • Transit coverage for vineyard and orchard products.

Standalone Tractors and Equipment

Get coverage for your new tractor, as well as any loaned, rented, or leased agricultural equipment machinery. If the equipment is under the age of seven, full replacement cost coverage may be available, as well as theft of miscellaneous items and equipment on or off the covered premises. Flooding, theft, upset or overturn, fire, accident, criminal mischief, and building collapse may all be covered under this insurance. Get a quote by calling 1.800.876.4163.

How much does farm insurance cost?

Every operation is unique, with its own set of coverage requirements. A hobby farm insurance is likely to be significantly less expensive than one for a professional grower and packer. You may customize your coverage to meet your specific requirements, no matter how little or big they are. For a quotation, call Orr Insurance agents at 1.800.876.4163.

Will the homeowner’s insurance policy cover hobby farm or estate farm?

Many objects found on estate and hobby farms, such as vineyards, buildings, equipment, cattle, and horses, are not covered by conventional homeowners insurance. It’s also possible that it won’t pay legal expenditures related to farming.

Do you need a farm policy for a few animals?

A farm insurance premium for these activities is low while yet providing liability coverage since the risk is low. This includes animal escapes, product coverages, and public exposure on the premises. Hobby farms that have small poultry and egg sales enterprises may also get coverage.

Do you need agricultural insurance if you lease or rent my land for farm operations?

Yes, you need agricultural insurance if you lease or rent my land for farm operations. A farm and ranch coverage protects you against liability risk, even if you don’t perform any farming yourself. This is particularly important if a tenant is hurt on your land.

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Orr insurance has been helping people like you for four decades to get the right coverage for their farms. As certified farm experts, we know that life is better on the farm, and we help protect it.

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