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At Orr Insurance & Investment, we understand when it comes to farming; you face more than your share of uncertainty and insurance challenges.

We realize that each farm has a unique set of farm insurance needs and we believe in taking the time to get to know you and your farming operation. Our brokers are agricultural experts with over decades of experience serving the insurance needs of farmers and their businesses. At Orr Insurance, we have the knowledge and experience to find the right package and price for all types of farms.

We work with a number of different company partners who specialize in coverage for many different commodities including but not limited to:

  • Dairy Operation Hobby Farms
  • Beef Operation Fruit and Vegetable Operations
  • Hog Operation Specialty Farms
  • Cash Crop Operation Grain Elevator Complexes
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Our Extensive Line of Farm Products Include:

Farm Outbuildings

Your Agricultural Buildings are important to generating your farm income. Due to their size, design and use, they are at risk for fire, lightning, snow load and many other causes of loss.

We can make sure that all your Agricultural Buildings are insured to the level that you require. In the event of a disaster it is important to be able to get up and running again with as little disruption to your farm business as possible. Making sure you have correct coverage on your Agricultural Buildings is the best way to get back up to speed.

Question MarkWhat is Considered an Agricultural Building?

Any building on your property that is used for agricultural purposes. The following farm buildings fall under this coverage; Barns, Silos, Sheds, Grain Bins, Feed Tanks, Manure Tanks and other farm related structures such as generator buildings. Generally, items like stabling, heating and ventilation equipment are included in the definition whereas electronic equipment or silo unloaders are not. It’s important to work with your broker to clarify what falls part under your Agricultural Buildings Coverage and what needs to be specifically listed.

Question MarkHow is a Replacement Value Determined

People are often surprised at how much insurance is recommended to cover their outbuildings. The reason is that the rebuilding cost is often higher than what it cost to build in the first place. This is a result of ever-increasing costs for labor and material along with the fact that the building needs to be re-built right away, not on the builder’s schedule. We use the most up to date programs available to determine the value needed.


Your livestock is one of the largest and most important assets that your farm operation has. It’s also what drives your income and livelihood. We insure a variety of different types of livestock.

  • Dairy Cattle
  • Beef Cattle
  • Poultry – Broilers, Broiler Breeders, Layers
  • Swine
  • Goats
  • Horses
  • Exotic Animals (Lamas, Quail, Mink etc.)

The most important consideration for livestock coverage is to properly list out the numbers and values of each class of livestock that you have.

Example – 40 cows at $1500 each = $60,000
Most policies use the market or value of the animal at the time of its death or destruction to determine the amount payable. The market value is constantly changing, so it’s important that we complete regular reviews of the number and values of your livestock to make sure the coverage is adequate.

There are different levels of livestock coverage you can choose from, tailoring to the needs of your operation. We can look at your specific livestock to determine what types of loss you will want coverage in place for.

Produce Coverage

Produce coverage is a very broad term. It provides coverage for items including:

  • Harvested Agricultural Product of the Soil
  • Feed, Fertilizers, Herbicides and Pesticides
  • Milk
  • Unfertilized Eggs
  • Milk Contamination

We also offer extended coverage for consequential losses to refrigerated produce from mechanical or electrical breakdown or power interruption.

As your broker, we will work with you to determine the value of all of these items that you have on hand throughout the year. For valuation of the produce the actual cash value of the produce is used, generally this is the market price. As this varies constantly, it is important for us to review the amount of produce coverage that you have in place.
As always, it is important to discuss the specifics of your coverage with your broker.

We also offer extended coverage for consequential losses to refrigerated produce from mechanical or electrical breakdown or power interruption.

Machinery and Equipment

From tractors, ploughs to harvesting equipment, we at Orr Insurance provide a variety of options to give you peace of mind, ensuring that some of your biggest investments are covered properly.
Insurance on your equipment can be purchased in the form of All Risk Coverage and tailored to your needs; whether the equipment is scheduled (listed) on the insurance policy or covered on a blanket form basis.

To ensure that you are covered regardless of circumstance, extensions are available or included in your package.

  • Non-Owned Equipment – Borrowed or Rented Equipment
  • Newly Acquired Equipment – Since you will likely be buying or selling machinery or equipment during the term of your policy, we will explain the notification requirements to make sure newly acquired machinery or equipment is covered under the policy
  • Loss of use – Covers renting a replacement unit until the damaged or destroyed unit is repaired or replaced
  • Replacement cost insurance is available on certain equipment.

Loss of Farm Income

Your ability to earn an income from your farm can be threatened at any moment due to an unexpected event suffered at your farm, whether it be a fire destroying your barn or losing your livestock from an insured peril such as fumes or heat prostration.

With Loss of Income Coverage, a farm owner can collect the income he or she would have expected to generate before the loss occurred. It pays the bills that keep coming in (Mortgage, farm loans, property taxes, heat, hydro and key employees salary).

All you need to do is ask your broker to review the coverage with you. They will advise and assist you in developing a level of coverage specific to your needs.

Orr Insurance will work with you to explain the different coverage options and lengths of indemnity periods available and needed for your farming operation. It is important to us to get your operation up and running back to where it was before the loss occurred.

  • Custom Feeding Operations
  • Farm Liability / Commercial Liability
  • Farm Auto/Fleets

Value Added Coverages:

  • Alternative Energy
  • 1st Party Pollution
  • Farmers Accident Insurance
  • Non-Owned Automobile Coverage
  • Tenants Legal Liability Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage
  • Data Compromise Coverage / Cyber Coverages
  • Umbrella Coverage

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