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Not all businesses are the same; not all insurance solutions should be either. We insure businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries.

Restaurants and Bars

Operating a restaurant or bar isn’t easy. You’ve worked hard to build your business, and we can help you protect it with the right restaurant or bar insurance solution. Running a demanding restaurant business includes overseeing everything from stock and equipment to alcohol, staff supplies and your customers. There is always a risk that the customer could be injured at your establishment, or that a fire, break-in or other event could cause damage or result in the need to close your doors. A restaurant or bar insurance policy can help protect your livelihood by protecting you in case of an accident on your property and against happenings such as building damage, theft, alcohol liability and business interruption.

For instance, if you run a restaurant or a bar and you lose power causing the contents of your walk-in freezer to spoil, a food contamination policy would pay to replace the food. If you lease and there is a fire, water damage, collapse, or any other insurable loss, and you are forced to close your doors, business interruption coverage can cover the lost revenue during repairs, and, if you are the landlord and have tenants running a restaurant or bar, insurance will cover the loss of rent you are not collecting during rehabilitation.

Call us today to review restaurant or pub insurance options that are right for you.


From retail to wholesale, a single location to an international distributor, retail business owners can have peace of mind knowing their business is protected with the right retail insurance coverage. Our team of professional brokers can curate a custom plan to provide coverage for your property, stock, transit, liability, and contents.

For business owners who rent or lease their space, retail insurance can include commercial property coverage, coverage for cargo and goods-in-transit, general, umbrella and excess liability options, crime, and product recall coverage. Policies can also include mechanical system breakdowns that damage the store or contents, including HVAC systems, refrigeration, humidifiers or water filtration systems and business income coverage can cover lost revenue while your store is repaired or rebuilt.

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Bed and Breakfasts (B&B’s)

If you are in the Bed and Breakfast business you know just how demanding it is. It’s your home, but it’s also your business, and as such, a homeowner’s policy is not enough because it is geared toward personal property and not for business and a regular business insurance policy is not ideal because it doesn’t reflect the realities of your bed and breakfast business. You need a specialized B&B insurance package that is customized to your unique needs.

For over 30 years Orr Insurance has offered a specialized package for B&B owners at a reduced price that incorporates all the coverage of a homeowners policy plus business coverage for your operation and guests.

No matter how large or small your bed and breakfast business is, we can provide a tailored B&B insurance package that’s right for you including a single policy that covers both your home and your business and a flexible deductible and discount program tailored to your individual budget and circumstances. Your B&B insurance policy includes protection for your home and personal contents, liability insurance to protect you from the unexpected, protection against loss of business income in the event of physical damage or loss and liability for the safekeeping of your guests property.

Trucking and Transportation

The Trucking industry is constantly evolving to meet the needs of Canadian business. That’s why you need an insurance broker that understands your business. With Orr Insurance & Investment you get a trucking expert who is knowledgeable about the changes to your industry and knows how to best tailor your policy to meet your needs. We understand that your business is continually changing and growing to meet the demands of your customers. Your trucking insurance can be customized and updated to change with your company as it evolves.

At Orr Insurance & Investment we offer a wide range of highly specialized trucking insurance including short-haul, mid-haul, long-haul, fleet insurance, warehouse operations, trucking owners and operators, sand and gravel, steel hauling, and heavy duty truck repair. You get the best protection from a transportation insurance policy that properly reflects your unique business.

Contact us today to talk to one of our brokers who specialize in providing coverage to protect your unique trucking business.

Sports and Fitness Insurance and Personal Trainer Insurance

Are you a personal trainer or a fitness or sports instructor? Do you organize amateur sports league or sporting events? If so your focus is likely helping people be the best they can be. But what about keeping your business fit and healthy? Accidents happen when you’re least expecting them. If a client tears a muscle in a dance class you are leading, or trips over gym equipment and twists their ankle, they could decide to take legal action, leaving you in a vulnerable situation.

The most common types of insurance policies provided for sports and fitness professionals are commercial general liability insurance which covers costs associated with liability claims such as client injuries or property damage, product liability insurance which provides coverage for liability claims associated with a product you sell or manufacture, professional liability insurance which covers costs associated with allegations of negligence, misconduct, or failure to deliver a service as promised, and cyber liability insurance which is critical for sports and fitness professionals providing online services and storing client information.

If you’re employed by a company, it’s worth checking out the personal trainer insurance already in place for you. If you work for yourself – and especially if you employ other people – it’s likely you’re in need of a sports and fitness insurance policy.

Whether you are a personal trainer, own a gym or other fitness facility, offer fitness classes, hire instructors, cleaners, receptionists or anyone else, you need to ensure you and your business are properly covered. Talk to your Orr Insurance & Investment broker today to learn more about Fitness/Gym Insurance and Personal Trainer Insurance.

Spa and Salon Insurance

If you own your own spa or salon business, you know how demanding it is. We recognize that the beauty service industry is specialized and unique. The wide range of services that are provided combined with the individual needs of beauty professionals makes finding a specific insurance policy that protects your business is critical. Whether you offer hairdressing, esthetician services, reflexology/aromatherapy, relaxation massage, tanning or a combination of these, we can tailor a spa and salon insurance package that is right for your business. Our focus is to provide peace of mind to Hair Stylists, Estheticians, Nail Technicians, Laser and IPL Technicians, Electrologists and Beauty Salons/Spa owners so that you can focus on serving your clients.

Contact your Orr Insurance & Investment Broker today to find a Spa and Salon Insurance solution that is right for you

Not-for-Profit Insurance

Despite good intentions, non-profit organizations and charities are not immune to potential claims or lawsuits related to professional activities and business operations. Non-profit insurance is specifically designed to protect non-profits and charities against claims alleging bodily injury, fiduciary liability and professional malpractice.

Do non-profit organizations need insurance? The answer is yes. There are elements of non-profit organizations and charities that make them susceptible to claims and lawsuits. You need insurance if:

  • You have an office space, or you visit your client’s office space or home
  • You have staff and volunteers who conduct business off-site
  • Your work involves collaboration with third-parties, including employees, volunteers, vulnerable persons, and vendors
  • You host special events
  • You store important or confidential data
  • You, your staff, or your volunteers provide advice or offer services
  • Your business has a board or advisory

Each non-profit or charity organization is unique, and as such, the coverage required for your business is unique. Contact your Orr Insurance & Investment broker today to discuss your options and ensure your business is protected.

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