Specialty Programs

Insurance as Different as You

Whatever your business, event or community looks like, Orr can create an insurance program that works for you

Since 1895, Orr Insurance & Investment has helped individuals and organizers arrange specialized insurance coverage, at competitive prices, so they can get on with their passions in business, arts, sports, community programs … whatever motivates people to get out there and make a difference.

The general concept behind insurance is that a large group of people contribute and share access to a common pool of money created to financially compensate or support a contributor if a need arises:

  • On the downside, that could be an accident, injury, sickness, property damage, legal trouble,  etc.
  • On the upside, income support, estate payments, employment benefits, retirement income, bill payments, repairs, and so on.

The larger the group of contributors and deeper the pool of funds, the more efficient, flexible, feature-laden and creative insurance providers can be in meeting the needs of their customers.

But what if your particular line of work, business, market sector or community is specialized in its activities and needs, standalone events, or just doesn’t fit the norm in terms of critical mass for insurance purposes? Then you need help from someone who knows how to create coverage programs that meet particular circumstances.

Here are some of the special insurance programs Orr Insurance & Investment has created for our clients:

Restaurant Franchises

Bed & Breakfast

Sports, Fitness & Events - national and local organization and individuals 

Not-for-Profit Organizations - national and local

Surety Bonds


Tell us about your group, your business, your activities. Your Orr Insurance & Investment Broker regularly deals with over 60 providers, and knows where to look among the entire financial services market to find the right balance of coverage features and cost.


Restaurant Franchises

Your Orr Insurance Broker understands the particular insurance requirements for both the franchisee and franchisor – and we know where to look for the right balance of controlling costs, meeting obligations and offering benefits, including

  • All risk property insurance
  • Business interruption – Actual loss sustained
  • Crime money and securities, employee dishonesty
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Commercial general liability
  • Group benefit plans.


Bed and Breakfast Insurance

It’s your home, but it’s also your business, so neither a homeowner’s policy nor commercial insurance is ideal for your B&B. For over 20 years Orr Insurance has offered a specialized package for B&B owners at a reduced price, including:

All the coverage of a Homeowners policy:

  • Single limit coverage on all your property
  • Personal liability
  • Guaranteed replacement cost
  • Sewer backup
  • Outdoor trees, shrubs, plants and lawns
  • Personal property temporarily away from your premises
  • Additional living expense
  • Arson or theft conviction reward
  • Debris removal
  • Freezer food spoilage
  • Jewelry, watches, furs, coin and stamp collections, collectible cards and comic books
  • Collapse of building
  • Liability for swimming pools, watercraft and trailers

Plus business coverage for your operation and guests:

  • Business interruption – Actual loss sustained
  • Crime coverage
  • Liability extended to insure bed and breakfast operations
  • Innkeeper’s liability


Sports, Festivals and Events

Orr Insurance & Investment has an extensive history of community involvement with amateur sport and fitness participants, organizations & events. We understand the need for financial protection in the event of injuries or lawsuits for organizations and events big or small, commercial or amateur:   

  • All risk property coverage
  • Business Interruption Coverage - Actual loss sustained
  • Crime Money and Securities, Employee Dishonesty
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Commercial General Liability - including participants
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Sports Accident
  • Event Liability Insurance.


Not-for-profit Organizations

An estimated 12 million Canadians volunteer and 12% are employed in the non-profit sector. Orr Insurance is able to create a specialized insurance policy tailored to your specific needs to protect the Non-profit Organization, its employees and its volunteers. 

Coverages we have provided to our customers.   

  • All Risk Property insurance
  • Business interruption coverage – Actual loss sustained
  • Crime money and securities, Employee dishonesty
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Commercial general liability
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Errors and omissions liability
  • Employee group benefits.


Surety Bonds

A surety bond is a binding agreement between three parties. This agreement is a financial guarantee by one party (“surety”) to another party (“obligee”) that a third party (“principal”) will fulfill required obligations to the obligee.

Principal – This is the business owner that is required to present the bond.

Obligee –This party is the one requiring the surety bond to begin with. In the case of a construction project, this would be the project owner.

Surety – The surety is typically an insurance company that will issue the surety bond to the in exchange for a premium payment, which is much like a standard insurance premium.

A surety bond is not a form of insurance but rather a financial guarantee or form of credit. This is an important distinction in the definition of a surety bond. The specific type of surety bond is defined by what it guarantees, but essentially all bonds guarantee the fulfillment of a legal obligation between three parties and are designed to protect these parties from financial loss. Additionally, businesses and industries purchase surety bonds to guarantee their customers are protected in the event of contractual problems or default. If a valid claim is made, the surety company will either reimburse the obligee or make good on the contract.