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What is a builder's risk policy?

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” and there is a prospective risk in everything that people do. Whether it be your dream home construction or a branded residential project or a renovation to your old workstead, it is important to safeguard it from any physical damage during the time of project completion. Whatever may be the setback Orr Insurance offers a broad and uniform scope of coverage under its “all risk” Builder’s Risk insurance in Ontario.


The cost, work, and resources utilized increase as a build progresses. When something goes wrong, there is more to lose. Builder’s risk insurance can be useful in this situation. The policy protects construction projects against claims that arise during the course of construction, as well as for all associated property loss or damage. New construction projects, renovations, and rebuilding are all covered under the builder’s risk insurance

Are you protected with builder’s risk insurance? You would be responsible for the increased costs if you didn’t have a policy. This covers things like delays, property damage, and other problems. You might also need to buy it to provide documentation of your security. You could demand that it adhere to certain local or regional bylaws. Moreover, to be effectively protected from third-party claims alleging negligence caused financial losses or bodily harm, this insurance should be combined with a liability policy.

Things noted to be considered while creating a builder’s risk policy are

  • Security Precautions
  • Construction Type
  • Project Size
  • Project Duration
  • Claims history of the general contractor

Who needs condo insurance?

Question Mark Coverages offered under the policy

Builder’s risk insurance covers the builder for a while after they have completed the construction of a  new home. If something happens to the property during this period, such as water damage or strong winds, the builder will not be responsible for fixing this property damage under their liability insurance. Therefore, before beginning any construction project, it’s crucial to obtain a builder’s risk insurance policy.

This construction insurance includes coverage for things like explosions, lightning strikes, fire, theft and vandalism during construction, wind and hail damage, and more. A builder’s risk insurance coverage is available for purchase by engineering consultants, project managers, property owners, and general contractors. Also, it encompasses a full building or other structure that is currently under construction, as well as the tools and materials needed for the project that is on the job site. Tools and equipment belonging to the contractor are not covered and should have their own insurance.

Mainly three types of coverages are provided to the contractor or project owners by a builder’s risk insurance policy:

  • Hard cost coverage includes the project’s framework and any related costs. Materials, fixtures, and equipment that could be damaged by a natural disaster or theft are covered by this policy. 
  • Soft cost insurance covers potential ancillary costs like legal fees or losses in engineering and architecture.
  • Financial loss protection for losses that might occur due to the structure’s eventual lack of use.

Question Mark What’s not covered by the risk policy?

Property damage that occurs before the start of the project, damage to the contractor’s equipment and tools, defective design, issues with materials or workmanship, loss due to the stoppage of work or interruption of construction by earthquakes, floods, or any government activities, etc. are not covered by a builder’s risk policy.

Question Mark Does the policy have a coverage limit?

Knowing what a builders insurance policy can defend against will help you better grasp the coverages and limits offered. The project’s full value could be included in the insurance limit. Loss limit coverage may be available in cases when only a limited percentage of the entire project may be vulnerable to a single loss. A value update is made when the project is complete through an appraisal. After the project ends, an assessment could be performed to reflect any changes in value.

Question Mark How much does a builder's risk insurance cost?

The project and the services you provide will affect how much Builder’s Risk Insurance costs. We will inquire about your company when you complete our online application so that we may better understand your needs. When choosing the optimum coverage options for you, the following elements are taken into account:

  • Cost of the project
  • Type of the project
  • Value of the property
  • Insurances that were claimed previously

Question Mark Who can apply for a builder’s risk policy?

Usually, the building contractors and property owners are covered by builder’s risk insurance for projects that are being built, renovated, or repaired. It is normally the property owner’s responsibility to acquire Builder’s Risk Insurance to cover a construction project. When deciding on the final specifications of a building project, be sure to specify who will be responsible for acquiring the insurance policies from a reputable insurance company and make sure all parties are covered. Also, there is a provision to add the contractor as an extra insured even if they are not the property owner.

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