Phase 2 Update


Phase 2 Update

We’re entering the next phase of opening our offices. As we figure out the safest way to open our doors we are going to be open by appointment only. We want to reassure our clients that we are always available by phone and email.

If you do make an appointment and come to the office you will notice things are a little different as we protect our staff and our clients. Mandatory hand sanitizing stations are at each door, sneeze guards are at each reception desk and we have designated one meeting office in each branch where clients can meet with staff minimizing any potential spread.

Once we have spent some time and confirmed our new procedures are appropriate and practical we hope to open our doors to drop in traffic.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please feel free to contact your individual broker, their contact information can be found here.

As most of the province continues to progress with re-opening plans we wanted to make you aware of a few insurance related topics that you may find important.

If you are unable to visit or occupy your seasonal property please contact us to discuss any changes that may need to be made around vacant or unoccupied properties

If you have changed the way you use your vehicle from pre-COVID shut down, please contact us. For example, if you used to commute to work but you are now doing deliveries, we need to make changes to ensure you maintain coverage.

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