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New Cyber Risks

As many of us spend more time at home or have shifted work to home altogether during COVID-19, cyber criminals have upped their game. We’ve all seen the news stories of major corporations getting hacked, or even organizations in our own backyard, but the technical infrastructure of working from home has presented a new cyber security risk for families, and it is important we collectively adjust.

Cyber criminals know how to prey on the vulnerable. Throughout the pandemic we’ve seen them impersonate the World Health Organization and food delivery companies just to name a couple, in order to gain access to our personal information. As they impersonate credible sources via “phishing scams” it is important we confirm the sender’s address, use trusted anti-virus/malware software, and read the emails themselves before opening attachments. If a new text or email seems suspicious, take your time.

The work from home environment poses its own cyber security challenges. Many of us are using multiple devices that may not have the same security level as the workplace did. This expedited process has led to many small businesses utilizing virtual private networks without using remote desktops. In this new environment, it is important to follow guidelines laid out by your employer and run regular updates on your devices. We can also protect ourselves by using complex home WIFI passwords and avoid entering personal data on sites that aren’t secure.

In today’s increasingly technical world, it isn’t so much a matter of if there will be cyber attacks, but when. There can be coverage available through your personal property policies for identity theft expenses, as well as various ways to protect your business from cyber attacks. To mitigate your risk, contact your Orr Insurance & Investment Broker and find out what options work for you.

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