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Are you leaving this door unlocked?

Canadians work hard to protect what is important in our lives. When we buy a home, we put curtains on our windows for privacy and locks on our doors to keep our homes secure. We also buy insurance to make sure our families are protected should the worst ever happen. We put a lot of emphasis on protecting our physical belongings. However, in an ever-increasing digital world, are we leaving ourselves vulnerable?

Everyone knows someone who has had their social media hacked and has started making “$25,000 a day mining bitcoin”. What would you do if the hackers moved past your social media and decided they wanted to take over your laptop or your other smart home devices? It is unsettling to think what would happen if a hacker stole your ID, drains your bank or credit account, locking you out of your computer threatening to publish your search history to all your friends and family.

It is certainly obvious that cybercrime and claims have been on the rise in recent years, with Covid accelerating the problem to new heights. In a recent report Statistics Canada found that 42% of Canadians have dealt with a cyber security incident during those first several months with almost half they suffered a loss in terms of time, money, or data.

I will ask the question again, have you left this door to your digital home open? If your answer is umm, maybe or I don’t know then chances are you have or will be a victim of cybercrime …. very soon.

Good News – Orr Insurance & Investment has you covered!!

Having recently partnered with BOXX Insurance, Canada’s leading Personal Cyber Insurance. Orr clients now have ability to purchase Canada’s most comprehensive Personal Cyber Insurance and can rest assured if cyber criminals gain access to their digital home network, that they will have access to industry leading breach responders that will help save your time, money, and data.

For more information, or to purchase please follow the link below.


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