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If you are in the Bed and Breakfast business you know just how demanding it is. It’s your home, but it’s also your business, and as such, a homeowner’s policy is not enough because it is geared toward personal property and not for business and a regular business insurance policy is not ideal because it doesn’t reflect the realities of your bed and breakfast or guest house.

You need a specialized B&B insurance package that is customized to your unique needs. A bed and breakfast insurance policy provides protection against the common risks that bed and breakfast owners face. Various types of bed and breakfast insurance policies are available for owners of guesthouses or bed and breakfasts.

The bed and breakfast policy is a new one specifically designed for the growing hospitality industry. If a guest is injured or falls ill, public liability insurance protects you from liability. As a result of this policy, you will be protected from compensation claims and the associated legal fees. Managing a bed and breakfast involves dealing with many moving parts all the time, as well as dealing with unexpected factors.

For over 30 years Orr Insurance has offered a specialized package for bed and breakfast owners at a reduced price that incorporates all the coverage of a homeowners policy plus business coverage for your operation and guests. Bed and breakfast insurance offers a unique set of protections and is often more expensive than other standard business policies.

No matter how large or small your bed and breakfast company is, we can provide a tailored bed and breakfast package that’s right for you including a single policy that covers both your home and your business and a flexible deductible and discount program tailored to your individual budget and circumstances. Your B&B insurance policy includes protection for your home and personal contents, liability insurance to protect you from the unexpected, protection against loss of business income in the event of business interruption, physical damage or loss and liability for the safekeeping of your guests’ property.

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