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Auto insurance is a legal requirement in Canada if you own or drive a car. If you are caught driving without insurance, you face a minimum fine of $1000 and a possible license suspension of a year or more. If you end up in court, you could face an unlimited fine and be barred from driving.

When you drive with quality insurance coverage, you drive with peace of mind. Orr Insurance brokers can help you stay protected with mandatory coverage no matter where the road takes you.

Our brokers will search for the right insurance for you and get you the right price with the right coverage options.

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What is auto insurance?

What type of auto insurance policy do I need?

How to get cheap auto insurance quotes?

What affects your auto insurance premium?

Tips for finding discounts on Auto Insurance

Why use ORR Insurance to get auto insurance quotes?

What is auto insurance?


Auto insurance could cover your costs if your vehicle is damaged in an accident, vandalized, stolen, or catches fire. If you drive or park your vehicle on a public road, you are legally required to have an auto insurance policy. Third-party insurance is the very minimum required by law, and it may cover you if you injure someone else or damage their vehicle, but your level of coverage and what you’re covered for are up to you.

What type of auto insurance policy do I need?

The type of insurance you require is determined by the level of protection you need. We help you to find the best insurance in Stratford to get maximum accident benefits coverage. There are three different levels of insurance coverage.

Full Comprehensive Coverage

Fully comprehensive insurance provides the broadest insurance coverage to Ontario drivers.

It includes a third-party fire and theft policy, but it may also protect you as a driver and offer a payout for vehicle damage. Compensation for medical care, legal fees, and accidental damage may also be included.

Even though comprehensive insurance provides complete coverage for a vehicle, it is not typically the most expensive auto insurance.

Third-party, fire, and theft

Third-party, fire, and theft insurance cover everything that third-party insurance does, plus it may pay you if your automobile is damaged due to fire or stolen.

While it covers the cost of damage or injury to other parties, it does not cover the expense of damage to your car in the event of an accident.


Third-party liability insurance only covers you for injury or damage to other people’s property (the minimum coverage required to drive legally on Ontario roads).

Third-party liability insurance only pays for the costs of compensating others for injuries or property damage you cause. It does not provide you with any financial assistance in the event of personal harm or car repairs.

Speak with our insurance agent if you’re uncertain about what your motor insurance policy covers or what forms of protection you may require. This way, you’ll be ready for accidents or damage that may or may not occur in the future.

How to get cheap auto insurance quotes?


When it comes to comparing auto insurance, the vehicle type you drive can have a big impact.

Here are some suggestions for finding cheap Stratford auto insurance policy:

If you do not already have a car, choose one that best meets your needs because it may result in significantly lower car insurance estimates. If you plan on doing little deliveries, the smallest car that will do the job is generally the best choice.

Review a variety of different makes and models. Cars from similar manufacturers often generate very different auto insurance rates, so compare a few to see which car model would save you the most money.

Consider the matter of safety: Getting cheaper motor insurance will be increasingly easy when you add more security features to your vehicle. A car with good locks, an alarm, and an immobilizer is a great start. Additionally, parking in a garage or on a driveway overnight can save money on auto insurance compared to leaving the vehicle on public roads.

Examine the Stratford car insurance coverage to see what you don’t require. If you only use your car for local travel, mention that to our broker. Car insurance quotes usually include a replacement vehicle service, but if you have one and don’t need it, specify that when comparing car insurance quotes to save money.

If you want to manage your own insurance, insurance companies with a strong online presence or a highly rated mobile app may be a suitable choice.

Finally, if you just love how your car looks and takes great pride in its appearance? If your car gets damaged, do you want it fixed perfectly or replaced with the same model? Then you should look at the complete range of insurance options one company can offer, including comprehensive, collision, and glass coverage with a minimal insurance premium. However, if you drive a beater, regard cars as just modes of transportation, and want to save money on premiums, you may choose to limit your insurance to liability.

Do you have any more doubts about car insurance quotes and how to obtain the best cheap auto insurance in Stratford? Then contact our Toronto-based team of insurance brokers right away to get a quote.

What affects your auto insurance premium?


The factors that could increase the cost of your mandatory car insurance premiums are:

Being a new driver or being younger (though some older drivers (50+) may pay more)

Being a resident in a postal code where there is a higher rate of theft or vandalism

Having an automobile that is more expensive and/or powerful

An extremely high or extremely low annual mileage

Insurers consider a job title to be high risk.

If you have any prior driving convictions or claims regarding a bad driving history.

Parking your vehicle on the street than in your garage.

You may not be able to change how insurers evaluate you, but there are several ways to reduce auto insurance costs by following safe driving habits. Talk to an experienced insurance broker to find out how to get best premium.

Tips for finding discounts on Auto Insurance

Insurance discounts are available from many auto insurance companies. But not every customer is aware of these discounts or thinks to ask about them. As a car insurance consumer, being proactive can save you a lot of money over the course of your policy. Overall, there are three types of auto insurance discounts: for the driver or drivers in stratford, for the policy, and for the vehicle.

These discounts are usually combined to save even more money.

Tip No. 1: Auto insurance discounts for drivers

Auto insurance discounts for Stratford drivers can significantly benefit your wallet. Having a good clean driving record, with no traffic violations, speeding tickets, or multiple accidents, as well as being a safe driver, are typically taken into account while considering the discount given.

There are also frequent motor insurance discounts for things such as the driver’s age and experience, being a college graduate, and being a homeowner with home insurance. Driver discounts differ from one insurance company to the next. If you’ve been a safe driver for several years, you can take accident forgiveness coverage.

Tip No.2: Policy-related auto insurance discounts

There are various kinds of policy-related auto insurance discounts available. Bundled discounts, which involve multiple vehicles or different types of policies, are among the most common. If you own a house in Stratford or rent one, you can usually get a discount if you add renters or homeowners insurance through the same company that handles your car insurance.

Discounts may also be available for paying in full rather than in monthly instalments, setting up an auto-payment through your checking account, and opting for paperless billing for your car insurance premiums.

Tip No. 3: Vehicle-related auto insurance discounts

In addition to driver and policy-related discounts, many companies offer reduced rates based on the vehicle being insured. Vehicle safety and security features such as anti-lock brakes, airbags, vehicle recovery systems, and anti-theft devices may reduce your car insurance premiums.

As mentioned above, there are various auto insurance discounts available especially based on the vehicle, and they can drastically reduce your premiums. When you are shopping for auto insurance, make sure to ask about current discount offers and how to take advantage of each one.

Discounts will save you money on your auto insurance premiums whether you are bundling your auto insurance with other types of insurance, have a vehicle with excellent safety components, or maintain a safe driving record.

Because different auto insurance companies offer different types and amounts of discounts, it is best to compare offers from insurance providers to ensure that you are getting the best rates on the auto insurance you require and that you are also getting the discounts you are entitled to. Get in touch with ORR Insurance brokers to find average 2022 insurance rates by car make and model.

Why use ORR Insurance to get auto insurance quotes?

You can always just call around insurers on your own, seeking cheap car insurance, but this will take a lot of time and potentially cost you a lot of money. ORR Insurance is an independent auto insurance specialist with extremely strong ties to insurance companies and intermediaries.

Our goal as independent insurance brokers in Stratford is to look out for your interests, not that of the insurance company. That’s why we present you with all of your alternatives upfront so you can make an informed selection.

Finding affordable auto insurance is never easy; leave us the hard part. Orr insurance brokers will narrow down the best as well as the cheapest car insurance rates available in Stratford for you.

Whether you want basic coverage or luxury coverage, we offer insurance solutions to suit any budget. Orr Insurance work with all of the top auto insurance providers. Talk to us to request multiple competitive auto insurance policies from the best insurance providers.

Auto Insurance In Stratford: Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you searching for the right auto insurance policy? Do you have doubts like this on your mind? Call ORR Insurance Brokers today to ask all the questions and get the right coverage for you.

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