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In the case of an accident, auto insurance can be your saviour. While we don’t have a choice about whether or not to buy it, we do have a choice about who we buy it from, which is why it’s important to make informed decisions. In Canada, motor insurance is required by law, which stipulates that all drivers must carry at least third-party liability insurance to protect their property and other road users. While some people prefer to buy insurance at this level, the majority pick Comprehensive Motor Insurance, which covers their car and third-party risk.

At Orr Insurance, we’re proud to have enjoyed over 40 years of experience helping customers with their vehicle insurance in Canada. We’ve developed solid relationships with the most well-known and well-respected auto insurance firms in Goderich and the larger Ontario market. Orr Insurance agents can acquire fantastic prices, discounts, and coverage because of our contacts and reputation, and we pass all of those benefits to you!

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Get The Best Auto Insurance Deals in Goderich

Why Choose Auto Insurance With Orr Insurance?

How To Compare Your Car Insurance Policy?

What All Does Auto Insurance Cover?

What Isn’t Covered in Your Car Insurance?

What Info Should I Provide To Get An Auto Insurance Quote?

The Benefits of Buying Auto Insurance With ORR Insurance

How can you file an auto insurance claim?

Get The Best Auto Insurance Deals in Goderich

At Orr Insurance, we spend time and money securing the best auto insurance offers for you! We’ve obtained up to 30% savings on their insurance for our valuable customer’s savings on their insurance.

There is no secret formula for getting cheaper auto insurance, but there are certain things you can do to get the greatest bargain for your dollars! Here’s what our auto insurance experts have to say:

✅ Never get insurance on the spur of the moment. Allow enough time to compare the coverage you require to what is currently available on the market. If time is running out, your budget will as well if you choose the first deal that comes along……even worse, you may wind up paying a lot more money for a lot less coverage!

✅ Resist your temptation to “go through it alone” to find the best car insurance policy at the best price. Let the insurance experts help! At Orr Insurance, our personal shoppers are ready to do the legwork for you. It’s a simple but winning formula. It’s a no-brainer because there’s no extra expense, and you won’t be wasting your time.

✅ Don’t get too caught up with the price. Being frugal is a good thing, but sticking to a budget can lead to a “false economy” if you don’t have the right car insurance and end up losing money on a claim. We explore the market and present you with a minimum of three quotes to compare. Orr Insurance agents will work with you to discover the best coverage for your budget.

Get You Car Insurance Quote Today!

Why Choose Auto Insurance With Orr Insurance?

At Orr Insurance, we are certain that we deliver an exceptional client experience, and we are confident that our clients agree! Here are a few reasons why:

Customer satisfaction is Orr Insurance’s top priority, and our excellent customer reviews prove it!

Dedicated personal insurance agent to assist you with your purchase and answer any queries.

A responsive, dependable, and devoted claims manager who will give guidance, reassurance, and help in times of need.

Competitive pricing and coverage from reputable insurers at the price you want at the price you can afford.

Excellent value-added services, including discount vouchers, are provided with your policy: with Orr Insurance, you just keep saving!

How To Compare Your Car Insurance Policy?

At Orr Insurance, we firmly believe that our customers should always have a choice. One option is inadequate, and while two are twice as good, we trust in the power of three, which is why we provide you with so many quotes to compare. Once you’ve made your decision, here are our top three suggestions for what to do next.

Examine the car insurance coverage supplied with each quotation and compare it to the others. Because you can’t compare a square to a circle, make sure your judgment is accurate. You’ll soon figure out the right policy from the options presented to you.

If you have a current or previous car insurance policy, compare the coverage supplied to it. Are you getting the same amount of like-for-like, less, or more? Compare insurance coverage to your specified needs if you’re obtaining this form of insurance for the first time. It’s usually better to go for the “little bit extra” than In the event of a claim, you’ll find yourself with much less coverage! Consider “added value” things such as optional extras, standard extra services, discount vouchers, and so on.

Check the pricing last so you can focus on the coverage’s advantages rather than being swayed by the premium. `You can then determine the value for money. Don’t forget about the “extras”: you may or may not be able to quantify them, but they do matter!

Request a quote and avail of exceptional personal service!

What All Does Auto Insurance Cover?

The risks covered by a typical Comprehensive Car Insurance policy vary depending on the type of policy you have. The main risks covered include:

Damage and/or injury caused by perils such as

  • Lightning,
  • Flood,
  • Storm,
  • Fire,
  • Impact,
  • Accidental Damage,
  • Theft,
  • Explosion, &
  • Malicious/Vandalism Damage.

While we must follow policy terms and conditions in order for a claim to be evaluated, it’s comforting to know that almost every scenario you can think of is covered!

What Isn’t Covered in Your Car Insurance?


Like other insurance policies, car insurance is meant to cover “relevant risks.” While vehicle insurance tries to protect you as much as possible, certain hazards are better covered by a different form of insurance or are completely excluded. Here are a few examples:

* Any accident/harm made as a result of doing unlawful conduct, such as drunk driving or under the influence of narcotics.

* Any damage suffered while instructing a learner driver is not covered. All drivers with a “provisional/learning” licence must only drive under the supervision of a driving school and in a vehicle controlled by one.

* Any damage to your own property caused by driving your car, such as collision damage to a perimeter wall or your house itself when you enter or depart your house. If you have Comprehensive Motor coverage, damage to your car is covered, but damage to your buildings/structures is only covered if you have a valid Home Insurance policy.

* Any damage to your own property caused by driving your car, such as collision damage to a perimeter wall or your house itself, when you enter or depart is not covered. If you have Comprehensive Motor coverage, damage to your car is covered, but damage to your buildings/structures is only covered if you have a valid Home Insurance policy.

Want to know more about what your auto insurance company does not cover? Call 1.800.876.4163!

What Info Should I Provide To Get An Auto Insurance Quote?

While we want to keep things simple, we require a few details from you in order to provide you with the right quote. Your quotation is influenced by three factors:


Personal Information

You should be able to provide your full name, age, residence, and occupation when requesting a quote. A driver’s license in the case of motor vehicles; your medical history in the case of medical/health. Any additional people who will be covered under the same insurance must also submit their information.

Item To Be Insured

Typical facts include address, occupancy/ownership, and value of your apartment/villa for house insurance, trip origin, duration, and destination for travel insurance, and sum insured needed, as well as the medical history of you and your extended family for life insurance.

When it comes to auto insurance, we’ll just need the information on your car license (Mulkiya, which includes the manufacturer, model, and year of production.

Claims History

If you’ve had this type of auto insurance before, please let us know if you’ve ever filed a claim. If you have a claim-free history, we could even give you another discount! Call 1.800.876.4163 if you need help with a claim.

Remember, an accurate quotation requires correct information, so it’s important to have these facts on hand to receive the best deals.

Save your time and money! Call Orr Insurance!

The Benefits of Buying Auto Insurance With Orr Insurance

We understand that buying auto insurance may be difficult, so we’ve made it fast and straightforward! Our friendly and professional team of advisers who function as personal shoppers make this possible. We walk you through the many coverage options and explain the costs so you may choose a policy that provides you with peace of mind and matches your needs.

You’ll start enjoying the rewards as soon as you start your journey with us. Orr Insurance has strong relationships with all of Goderich’s main insurers, and our reputation and experience ensure that we receive fantastic policies at reasonable pricing.

Not only that, but because of our agreements with a variety of amazing local insurance companies, when you buy your insurance via Orr Insurance, you’ll also receive excellent money-saving discount coupons. You’ll get unbeatable advantages on everything from vehicle accessories to accident repairs and much more!

How can you file an auto insurance claim?

If you face a problem and need to file a claim, our experienced claims staff can assist you at any time, anywhere, using our simple claims process. Just tell us what happened, and we’ll handle the rest.

Click here to report a claim.

Fill out this form or call 1.800.876.4163, and one of our customer service agents will guide you through your auto insurance claims process.

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