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With over 40 years of experience in the Ontario market, Orr Insurance Brussels office boasts a friendly and highly experienced team of auto insurance agents. Individuals and businesses can benefit from our cost-effective insurance options and advice.

The process of buying insurance from a trust insurance broker like Orr Insurance certainly saves the customer a lot of time. This is primarily because our experienced insurance experts are aware of the intricacies in the policy and would advise the customer with the most suitable policy for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Orr Insurance can help your search for the best insurance policy provider in Brussels, keep reading for a car insurance crash course!

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Table of contents

1. Auto Insurance In Brussels, Canada

2. Factors That Affects Auto Insurance Premium

3. Find Best Auto Insurance in Canada

4. Why Should You Buy Insurance from Orr Insurance?

5. How to File Your Claim?

Auto Insurance In Brussels, Canada

Auto insurance, often known as car insurance, is an agreement between the insurance company and the vehicle owner. In exchange for an insurance premium, the insurance company offers financial protection to the policyholder in the case of property damage, an accident, injury to the driver or passenger of the vehicle and more. This can also cover damage caused by the policyholder’s car to third parties.

Car insurance, like in other countries, is mandatory in Canada. Comprehensive and Third-Party Insurance are the two main types of coverage available. Based on the insurance provided, the benefits offered to the car owner include property, liability, medical coverage etc. You may add more elements to these coverages to make them more personalized.

At Orr Insurance, we offer financial and legal advice to automobile owners. We connect vehicle owners with a broad network of leading auto insurance providers in Brussels, Canada, to help them discover the RIGHT insurance plan based on their preferences and risk capacity.

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Factors That Affects Auto Insurance Premium

The cost of your auto insurance policy is influenced by several factors. Some are related to your vehicle, while others are entirely dependent on the driver. The following are the most important ones that can influence the cost of your auto insurance policy:

Vehicle: Age & Condition


The older a vehicle gets, the higher the cost of insurance will be. Older vehicles are more prone to breakdowns and other problems. This raises the risk that insurance companies take on when they offer you car insurance. This also translates to cheaper auto insurance in Brussels for newer cars in excellent top condition. Even if your car is old but is in good working condition, you can easily get a reduction on your insurance. The same can be said for newer cars that are in poor condition. If your car is comparatively new, but in poor condition, you may have to pay a higher insurance premium.

The Driver’s Age

Statistics show that drivers who are younger cause more accidents. This results in higher vehicle insurance prices when younger drivers are involved. The simple formula here is that more experienced drivers, who are statistically less likely to cause accidents, pay lower insurance premiums.

The Driver’s Driving Record and Habits

In Canada, having a good driving record will get you savings on your vehicle insurance, whilst having a bad one will swiftly raise your premium. Your auto insurance company has access to your driving records. A clean driving record demonstrates that you are a safe driver. As a result, insurance firms are forced to cut their plan prices or offer discounts. When you’re a high-risk driver, the opposite happens. To manage the increasing level of risk that auto insurance firms take on, insurance companies must raise premium prices. As a result, keeping a clean driving record is one of the greatest ways to obtain the best car insurance in Brussels.

The Car’s Current Market Value

Insurance rates are higher for newer cars with higher market value or price. This is because insuring an expensive vehicle and paying for repairs costs an insurance company a higher amount. The lower market value of the car would mean a significantly cheaper auto insurance premium because the insured declared value of the policy will go down.

Car’s Claim History

Car’s Claim History - Orr Insurance & Investment

Check the vehicle’s claim history before buying it if you buy a second-hand car. If the car’s previous owner has a history of filing several claims, insurance companies may charge a higher premium for the new car insurance policy. The more claims you file against coverage, the higher the insurance provider considers your vehicle to be a risk. This is why the cost of insurance coverage skyrockets when the claim history is littered with both small and large claims.

Type and Coverage

Your vehicle insurance premium will be determined by the services and benefits you choose, which are unrelated to the car or the driver. A more comprehensive auto insurance policy will, on average, cost more than its basic counterpart. Furthermore, if you choose to incorporate a few add-ons or riders, the premium will increase even more.

Find Best Auto Insurance in Canada

Finding the best car insurance policy in Canada can be a lengthy process. There are, however, a few simple tricks you can use to ensure that you only get the best for your sweet ride. Here are the top ways to find the best car insurance in Brussels:

Every driver-owner has their own set of requirements, which means that your ideal car insurance policy must tailor to your specific demands. So, the first step in purchasing the best auto insurance in Brussels for your vehicle is to assess your requirements.

Read reviews online or ask other car owners about their auto insurance providers. At the very least, choose the person who has a considerable amount of goodwill. Make a list of everything they said, from their plans to the customer service, accident benefits, and claim settlement process.

Obtain at least three car insurance quotes while looking for a vehicle insurance policy in Brussels. Compare these and find out which car is the most cost-effective and gives you the right protection. Comparison is one of the most critical steps you need to take to find the best deal.

You can reach Orr Insurance online by filling out a contact form, or you can call us at 1.800.876.4163. If you’re having issues with an insurance provider, Orr Insurance can help you, too!

Why Should You Buy Insurance from Orr Insurance?

Orr Insurance is dedicated to providing an extensive selection of insurance policies to meet the needs of a wide range of vehicle owners. Orr Insurance can help you get affordable vehicle insurance in Brussels and Canada by comparing several plans. Here are some of the top reasons why you should get your auto insurance with Orr Insurance:

Amazing auto insurance offers in Brussels.

You can compare vehicle insurance plans and features given by different car insurance providers before choosing the best one.

You get access to some of the most cost-effective and suitable car insurance coverage.

We have a team of insurance experts available to assist customers via email and phone.

Orr Insurance provides after-sales service and provides unrivalled customer care.

How to File Your Claim?

All you have to do is call Orr Insurance at 1.800.876.4163, and we’ll assign a professional insurance agent to your claim straight away. It’s that easy.

Tell our insurance experts what happened, and we will handle the rest. It’s completely straightforward and covers all aspects of the policy.

Click here to report a claim.

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